Day: May 5, 2011

It’s time to come clean

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Before we continue any further in our blogging relationship I thought I should be honest with you about a few things.

1. A few times when I’ve gotten off work at 12:30 am, I’ve went through the drive through at McDonalds and gotten a hot chocolate and cheeseburger.

2. I think I have a reverse self-image. I’m more self-conscious about my body now as a size 6 than I was when I was 30 pounds heavier and a size 12.

3. My size 6 jeans are getting tight. Perhaps the late night McDonalds runs should come to a stop? And the excessive soda and chocolate consumption?

4. I don’t like Taylor Swift. I’ve never listened to any of her music. I think she’s creepy looking.

5. I cut up my salad. Even if it’s already cut up I put everything together, add the salad dressing (low-fat, low-call right?) and cut it all up. Interestingly enough, my sister does the same thing.

6. I’ll be 38 this year and I haven’t found a gray hair yet. I check every single morning and every day I change my mind about what to do when that bugger finally does come in. Option a: go all natural. Option b: head for the saloon salon.

7. I don’t wash my face at night. The few times I have I always wake up in the morning with pimples. I very rarely have breakouts when I don’t wash my face. The wrinkles, now that’s another story.

8. I downloaded the Kindle on my pc (for free) and have purchased about a dozen books. I haven’t finished reading half of them. For some reason I don’t particularly enjoy reading on my computer.

9. In the past two weeks I have watched the movie Letters to Juliet eight nine times. I think Charlie is gorgeous.

10. Since starting my new job and being home with the kiddos I don’t think that I’m getting enough sleep. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if it means you having to read ridiculous posts like this.