Thinking about moms

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I’m thinking about moms today.

~My mom. She’s a prayer warrior and rises early every day to read her Bible. She’s a song writer, singer and guitar player. She is a champion for her kids, always there to encourage and lend an ear to. She’s funny and creative.  She’s my sister in Christ and the first person (after Pat) I call when I need prayer. She’s honest and forthright. She has an amazing faith and trusts God for what tomorrow will bring. She’s Grandma Susie and one of the best grandmas in the world.

~Pat’s mom. She’s always there, to help in any situation. She’s the only one who truly understands what it’s like to raise Caleb (since he’s exactly like Pat was at that age). She loves unconditionally and takes care of her family. She’s mischievous. She’s Grandma Barb and one of the best grandmas in the world.

~D. She’s Angel’s birth mom. Her decision allowed me to become a mom for the first time. Her love allowed for her daughter to be raised with a mom and a dad in a healthy, loving home. Her sacrifice will never ever be forgotten.

~She has a daughter or son in heaven.  She’s thinks about her baby every single minute of every single day.  She wishes others would remember and talk about her child. Even though she’s thankful to be blessed with other children, the pain and loss doesn’t subside. She eagerly awaits the day when she can be reunited with her baby again in heaven.

~She didn’t get to meet her baby. Her baby went to heaven before she could get to know him. She only held him for a few minutes or hours. Perhaps not at all. She longed for and prayed for and eagerly awaited the arrival of this baby and thinks about him every day. She eagerly awaits the day when she can be reunited with her baby again in heaven.

~She doesn’t get to see her baby on Mother’s Day. Her baby is all grown up now …lives far away and can’t afford to come visit …fighting for freedom in another country …serving on a mission field in Africa …sick in a hospital bed across the country …too busy with work and will probably forget to call …somewhere that’s not with her.  She prays for her child daily. He’s still her baby. She longs for him to return home so she can feel his arms wrapped around her.

~She’s a friend, aunt, sister or grandma. She’s a mentor. She invites to coffee and listens for hours. She gives advice and encourages and you know that she’ll be honest.  She allows you to be real.  She’s been there when your mom hasn’t been able to. She’s a second mom.

~She’s infertile. Disqualified. Not part of the club. Unworthy. Even though she loves like a mom and pours her heart and life into the kids at youth group or the first grade Sunday school class or her nieces and nephews, she tells herself she’s not really a mom. She longs for it more than anything but with every month that passes, her heart breaks a little more. Her tears stain the pillow at night and she asks God, “Why?” She trusts that He does have a plan for her life and that plan includes one day being called Mom.

~She’s in heaven.  She’s with Jesus, her heavenly Father. She’s rejoicing, singing praises and giving glory and honor to God.  She’s at peace and no longer in pain. She’s probably the leader of the welcoming committee.  But her daughter or son will think of her today and wish for just one more day. They will be thankful that she’s in heaven but long for one more Mother’s Day with mom. One more opportunity to say “I love you.” One more opportunity to say “Thank you for the being the best mom I could ever have.”


Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you Mom! Thanks for being the best mom I could ever have!


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