Day: May 9, 2011

A poem about breakfast

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One day we had breakfast

This breakfast different from the rest

Princess and Prankster were here

Celebrating Easter because the actual day they would miss

We started with lots of calories

with Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls

But the taste was so amazing

We didn’t mind that our waist line would soon grow

This breakfast wasn’t the healthiest

Fried hash browns, bacon and sausage we had

Oh but wait, we also had yogurt

I think that’s enough healthy to make us not feel guilty for eating so many calories and fat

The best part of this breakfast wasn’t the food

It was the wonderful people who ate it

Even though they ate and ate and ate and ate

And would later live to regret it

A pre-Easter breakfast, it was so divine

The people, the food and the fun

Oh how I wish we could have these every day

But then I guess I’d have to go run