Day: May 10, 2011

My own personal dvr

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We’ve been talking about it for years.  We finally did something that will probably traumatize us for the rest of the our life (or not).

We got rid of cable.


Well kind of. At this point we are downgraded to basic cable. Which means we still get over 70 channels.  We do not get dvr though.  Tonight I instructed my darling husband to please watch the Biggest Loser (since I’m working) so he can tell me what happens.

Ah, the life of crazy people.

I think we are actually going to completely get rid of cable though so we’ll just have the major network channels.  Downgrading to basic only saves us about $15 a month. Usually about $20-30 of our monthly bill is movie rentals through On Demand. That is gone now too. We are trying a free month’s trial of Netflix and if we like that we will for sure get rid of basic cable.  So then we’d be saving $70-80 a month which would be fabulous!

Pat is just a little traumatized about not getting ESPN if we get rid of cable all together.  I’m a little traumatized about not getting Bravo and Food Network.  The kids will not be traumatized at all with all the non-tv time we will have, so I think we’ll be just fine.  Although not getting to watch Dino Dan has been somewhat of an issue for Bubba.  (Someone please make a Dino Dan movie.) Yesterday he requested we watch a Strawberry Shortcake movie so maybe this change has been too much for him.

With my job change our budget is pretty tight and we just don’t think it’s wise to continue paying so much for cable tv when we have other things that need taken care of. (Like dogfood for THREE dogs.  Talk about crazy people.)

With the nice weather finally here we’re spending most of our days and evenings outside anyway and watching little tv.  We’re also looking into refinancing and with the difference in interest rates it looks like we could save $250 a month. Wow, that would be awesome.  Now we’re just trying to outweigh the benefits versus starting over on our mortgage. But realistically we probably won’t be moving anytime soon.

We continue to get closer and closer to paying off our credit cards and vehicles. Each of the vehicles is probably a year away and the credit cards are a little over a year.  The bad thing is that we can’t have credit cards, we have no savings and have very little each month left over for emergencies.  We’re just relying on God’s protection and provision. I think that’s a good thing though. 

We had a financial adviser share with our couple’s Bible study a few weeks ago. He said that in most marriages one spouse is a saver and one spouse is a spender. We have one spender (guess who that is) and one sometimes spender mostly too laid back to worry about it.   But I think we’re making progress in those areas too.  Honestly it’s kinda scary thinking about having our credit cards paid off (again), and how we’ll do once we’re given the freedom to have them again. I guess it’s nothing to worry about now but hopefully after going through this burden of overwhelming debt twice in our marriage we won’t make the mistake a third time.

It’s also exciting and motivating though because in a little over a year we’ll have $1000 extra each month. Yes, we are paying $1000 a month on credit cards and vehicles. (It’s not worth it people! Put that credit card away!) With that extra money we can maybe finally get our roof shingled, finish the backyard landscaping, put money away for the kids college, put money away for our retirement and give the kiddos a baby brother or sister.

Had to throw that last one in to see if Pat is listening.  Oh I guess not.  He’s watching Biggest Loser.