The rupert dog

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Since we’ve been talking alot about dogs lately, I thought I’d tell you about a basset hound that my sister used to have.  His name was Rupert. As in…

The rupert dog. The rupert dog. The rupert rupert rupert rupert rupert dog.

(Sung to a catchy tune.)

Rupert was no ordinary basset hound. Most bassets are known for being lazy and slow and sleepy types of dogs. But not Rupert. Rupert was a mad man. He was tall and thin and loved to run and run and run and he never slept. And he was a pure bred basset hound.

At night my sister would let him out of the house (they lived on a farm) and he would run all night long.

And then during the day when people would drive into the yard he’d jump up on top of their car hoods. (No lie.)

One time my parent’s were babysitting and Rupert was being especially annoying. He kept making noises because he wanted to go outside or something. My day said, “Be quiet Rupert,” and Rupert would squeak. My dad said louder, “Rupert, BE QUIET,” and Rupert would whine. And then my dad yelled, “RUPERT IF YOU SAY ONE MORE THING YOU ARE GOING TO BE SORRY.”


And Rupert would whine.

It’s hilarious now but at the time it was a little scary. That Rupert understood what my dad said.  The stream of cuss words that came out of my dad’s mouth. And the way my dad threw Rupert out the back door.

So anyway, fast forward and Rupert has a new home somewhere. Hopefully he’s happy and not tormenting his new owners.  We have so many happy, funny memories of Rupert.

In honor of Rupert enjoy these 50 pictures of basset hounds running.

If these pictures don’t make you laugh out loud, I’m not sure what will.


One thought on “The rupert dog

    danelle said:
    May 13, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Dont forget about the othertime he stayed with mom and dad in salem when he was out runnin and the cops got him and thru him in jail lol. He was the naughtiest dog EVER. He’s in doggy heaven now but will never be forgotten. Thanks for the memories Sir Ruppert of Schlahtingham (his registered name)

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