Yahoo for summer

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I think Angel said, “YAHOO!” 400 times last Wednesday.  It was a yahoo kind of day.

We were a little bummed to see rain in the morning because the forecast said we’d have rain in the afternoon. Guess it was going to be a craft day. But by 10 am the skies were blue and the sun was shining. We loaded up our water bottles and snacks, sunblock and hats and headed for the zoo.

As we pulled into the zoo parking lot I noticed seven school buses. Yes. Seven.

What is going on? Is it the end of the world?

No, it’s just field trip day at the Great Plains Zoo.  I guess almost the same thing.

We didn’t spend too much time at the zoo this day because of the 5600 children that were running around crazy.  We saw a mean duck…

The rheas…

The monkeys…

Stopped for a snack and to play in the sand…

(The next two pictures were captured because I said, “I bet you can’t smile at mama.” Who knew it would work so well.)

And then we called it a day. At least as far as the zoo was concerned.

Yahoo for summer. And yahoo for nice people who don’t steal our van. Because as we left the zoo we walked up to our van to see this.

Yahoo for crazy mamas who leave the door wide open.

After lunch I got a little ambitious and decided I was going to get the entire yard, front and back, mowed for Pat. It was supposed to rain later that evening and honestly I was being a little selfish because I’ve been motivated lately to get back in shape and lose those 10 pounds I gained over the holidays. So in addition to getting back into my running routine I’ve been trying to think of other things to do during the day with the kiddos. Did you know that mowing, pulling weeds and weed wacking for 3 hours is good exercise? Trust me, it is.

We started in the front and I got to work on the lawn while the kids played. And enjoyed cold lemonade. Yahoo for summer!

At around 2:30 Caleb was fading fast. I took the kids in the house, put on a movie, got them a snack and let them rest for a bit. I headed back out front to finish up, hoping they’d be fast asleep in 10 minutes. Well when I finished 10 minutes later they were not asleep.  So I bribed them with the word sprinkler. As soon as I said it Caleb jumped up and said, “YA!” And then Angel said, ‘What’s a sprinkler?” So I’m guessing Caleb didn’t know what a sprinkler was either.

The deal we made was that they had to rest (sleep?) for 15 minutes while I mowed an area in the backyard for the sprinkler. Ok mom.  In a perfect world.

In less than 2 minutes they were wondering outside wanting to know what was going on and where the sprinkler was.  After a few attempts to get them to rest I gave up, put their suits on, more sunblock and we all headed out back.  Before we knew it I had 1/2 the yard mowed and we were all set up for the sprinkler!

Yahoo for summer!

The neighbor girls were outside also and so they came over to join in the fun.

Yahoo for summer!

At 4:30 pm I finally finished mowing the backyard. Oh did I mention I mowed the backyard twice because it was so stinking long? Burning calories anyone?  

A storm was supposed to be moving in soon and so we called off the party and decided we’d pick up where we left off on our next hot sunny day.

And it’s a good thing because Caleb had finally had enough.

Yahoo for summer!


One thought on “Yahoo for summer

    Emily A said:
    May 16, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    a triple yahoo from the andersons! 🙂

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