When the bird attacks just keep running

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For the past few weeks I’ve been running consistently again and trying to do a little better with keeping track of my calories and eating healthier.  My running schedule has been going pretty good as I’ve been running every other day and usually in the morning (UG) before Pat leaves for work.  But I’ve been struggling with my feet going numb.

Last summer and fall, anytime I would run my feet would go numb after I ran more than 2 miles. I just ran through it or tried to ignore it.  But since starting running again for the past few weeks after about 1.5 miles the numbness was getting pretty severe. The first couple times it wasn’t a big deal because by 1.5 miles I couldn’t breath so I didn’t mind stopping. But last week after I’d been running for a week and 1/2 I was ready to bump up to 2 or 2.5 miles. However, it was so uncomfortable running with numb feet that I would stop.

I talked to a few people including my awesome nurse co-workers and they all suggested I see a doctor. But I just dread going to the doctor, especially about something like this. So one night I spent about an hour reading through a forum on Running’s World website about numb feet.  And after reading through all the posts I came to the conclusion it was my shoe laces being too tight (which I originally thought wasn’t the case) and my lack of stretching.

The day after I read all this (last week Wednesday I think) I went for a run and loosened my laces up alot. It felt really weird at first. I also stretched more than I usually do, especially my calves and ankles.  At about 1.5 miles I could feel the numbness coming on and so I would wiggle my toes and keep track of my form. I had to stop at two stop lights and so would stretch.  I made it just over 2 miles without numb feet! Ya!  I could have went further but had gotten a late start and knew Pat was going to need to leave for work.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was so excited to be able to try to get a “long” run in.  I went 3.5 miles, didn’t get numb feet and felt great!  Now granted, I’m still at my slow pace of 11.5-12 minute mile and I might work on that this summer but I’m just so happy to finally be running again and feeling like I’m in good shape.  Turns out the numb feet were actually a blessing because it caused me to slowly build up my miles instead of doing it quickly and getting injured.

Now about the bird (and the title of this post).  On my run yesterday morning I was running down the sidewalk on a road I always run on. All of a sudden a black bird comes flying at me. I might have screamed but I assumed it was a fluke. But then all of a sudden that creepy bird comes at me again. And then a THIRD time.

By the third time I was pretty freaked out and was certain that Harold Camping had the time off a bit and the end of the world was upon us right at that moment.  I tried to think of all the bad things the Bible prophesies about during the end times and I couldn’t remember if attacking black birds was on the list.   For a few seconds I wasn’t sure what to do.  Scream for help (well I guess I already did that)? Pray in Jesus in name for that bird to be struck down?  To my surprise, I did what any normal sane person would do. I just kept running and the bird quit attacking me.

So in conclusion:

My feet were going numb. My feet are no longer going numb.

A black bird was attacking me. The black bird let me live.

I eat too much chocolate and ice cream. I no longer eat chocolate and ice cream.

Well I guess two out of three isn’t bad.


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