I once caught a fish this big

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Thankfully, that wasn’t our biggest fish of the day.

My mom won a one-day professionally guided fishing trip and she let me and Pat go along with my dad.  So today we headed out at 7:30 am with hopes of limiting out before noon.  It’s been ten years since we’ve caught more than 5 fish, all of us combined, so those hopes weren’t really high hopes.

It’s amazing what a professional guide, nice fishing boat and expensive gear can do for a person though.

Despite it being freezing out, it was a great morning. And I say morning, because we did limit out by noon. In fact it was about 10:30 am when Dad caught the last fish, a 19.5″ walleye to call it a day (and pass me for the biggest fish).  Unfortunately Pat came in last third out of three.  My  biggest was 18.5″ and he’s was 18″.

Ya know, Pat should know better than to lip off. But no, he had to talk smack to me. He pulled in a 17″. And about 2 seconds later I pulled in a 17.5″.  The same thing happened awhile later when he pulled in the 18″.  I believe his words to me were, “What’s your biggest fish, hon?”  Before I could answer I got a bite and pulled in the 18.5″.  He’ll never learn.

Did I mention it was freezing?  This was on the drive to our fishing spot going about 600 miles an hour.  I might not have dressed appropriately in my light fleece jacket. Thankfully my dad rocks and gave me his extra coat and our guide rocks and gave me his extra coat. My husband rocks too but he didn’t have an extra coat to give me.

Dad reeling one in.

Pat attempting (and failing) to fish better than his wife.

Not sure what to say about this one.  Nice form? (not)

Here we are with our loot. Yummo.  Guess what’s for supper tonight!

And with the kiddos, who were a little traumatized that we left them behind.

I need to give a shout out to our guide Scott with Central Dakota Guide Service. He was great and even though it was crummy weather made it a fun little fishing trip.

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