Day: May 26, 2011

He might not buy me gifts but man can he cook

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My love language is gifts. Pat will be the first to admit that he struggles with this. I don’t need expensive gifts, but still he struggles and so this has been a big frustration in our marriage at times.



Anyway, thankfully every day I’m growing up a little.

So my hubby might not be a good gift buyer but man, can he cook. He’s amazing. And lately, just like our Princess, he’s been cooking up some amazing cupcakes. Granted, this isn’t good for the whole healthy eating, lose weight, tone up lifestyle we are trying to lead.  But I just eat 1 or 2 and then send them to work with him for his co-workers to eat.

For Mother’s Day he whipped up two different kinds of cupcakes.

(And he’s actually making cupcakes right now as I finalize this post. Unfortunately – or many fortunately – they aren’t for us, but are for a potluck at his work tomorrow. But I’m sure he’ll sneak me a couple cause that’s just the kind of guy he is.)

For Mother’s Day he made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

And chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with strawberry frosting.

Did I mention he’s amazing?

You know, I never did post about Mother’s Day. It was a wonderful day.  We were bummed because we weren’t able to drive to see my mom.  But I was blessed to be taken care of pretty well.

We had church in the morning. Ate lunch at Pizza Ranch. I went to work for a few hours. Pat made cupcakes AND cleaned the house. I came home from work and we had chicken enchiladas for supper, made by Pat.  I got some sweet gifts from the kiddos…

A purse and brush. Because when Pat asked Angel what she wanted to get me she said, “A brush.”

Pat asked her if there was anything else. She said, “Ya, she does use a purse alot so I think she needs a new purse.”

Man, I love my girl.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes.

There were divine.  I might have eaten twenty three of them.

And I think I’ve discovered a new love language.