Day: May 29, 2011

Angel in May 2011

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There’s so much to write about my baby girl.

She’s starting to more and more make up stories and pretend.  I was asking her the other day what she was doing as she was talking in the other room. She said, “Mama, we can pretend about anything.”

She continues to love to sing and loves to make up songs. She makes up songs from conversations we’ve had or from something she’s heard on tv. She sings and sings and sings. We love it.

Her mood directly resembles my mood.  That’s true somewhat for Caleb, but especially for Angel. The other day I said, “Angel why are you so sad and crabby?” As soon as I said it I almost started crying because I realized that I had been having a really tough week and was sad and crabby. (Lord change me please.)

She is such an amazing big sister. I love to see and hear her and Caleb talking to each other and having conversations. It’s like she’s filling him in on everything that’s going on.

Peanut. Love of her life. Need I say more? (I think I must have had the microphone covered up. She’s singing Peanut a lullaby.)

She still eats more than any of us. How is she so thin?  The only thing she won’t eat is still peppers and onions. And she also doesn’t really like popcorn.  She definitely prefers fruits or veggies to anything else which is awesome. She’s also the slowest eater. We used to tease my dad about being the slowest eater ever, but Angel’s got him beat. Or he’s got her beat. Whatever.

Angel’s last day of school was May 13th. She had such an amazing year and grew so much (I forgot to take a picture! UG!). We are so thankful for our church’s school and Mrs LuAnn (and all the teachers!).  Next year Angel will go two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) and Caleb will go to the pre-3 class like Angel did this year which is every Friday morning.

She is so stinkin funny.

Me: Look there’s a bird. See, he’s looking for worms.
Angel: Why is he doing that?
Me: Because that’s what birds eat.
Angel: Yuck! Worms taste like chicken!
(Turns out there’s a book we have that talks about worms tasting like chicken. Didn’t realize this until a few days later!)

Me to Angel: I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.
A little while later Angel to daddy: I don’t know about you but I’m hungry

Angel to Caleb: Caleb my name is not GEL (that’s what he calls her)! It’s ANGEL!

A few weekends ago we went with Pat’s mom, nephew and niece to the cemetery to plant flowers on Pat’s dad’s grave and some others in the family. As we were driving through the cemetery we heard Angel talking to herself in the back, “Wow. This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this.”  She makes us stop and appreciate all the amazing beauty in the world.

Her prayer at mealtime: “Dear Jesus, thank you for today. And thank you for this wonderful world. Amen.”

She is so sassy. I can’t even believe some of the things that come out of her mouth sometimes. At times it’s funny. At times it’s rather annoying.  At times it’s shocking. One day I said “I love you” and she said, “Well I don’t love you” and surprisingly I acted like it was no big deal for her to say that. On the inside I wanted to cry because I’m so not ready for them to grow up.

I think we can officially say she’s done with naps. Every once in awhile she’ll still take one but maybe only a few times a week, if that. A benefit of no naps is she usually falls asleep almost immediately at night and is usually only up once during the night to try to sneak in our bed.

She loves to dance, twirl and “tap dance”.  However she refuses to go to a dance class. She’s really shy and scared around strangers and so I can understand her trepidation but I know she would absolutely love it if she gave it a try. But we certainly don’t want to appear on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and so I’m trying to just casually convince her how fun it would be.

Angel is more and more interested in her “special book” and she talks about being in D’s tummy when she looks at the pictures (we have pictures of D and Angel right after she was born).  Other than that she has yet to ask any questions about her adoption. She just talks about the things we talk about – her foster family, the town where we spent our first weekend together, the restaurant where we ate our first meal together, the first picture of her with me and Daddy.

She still isn’t dry through the night but every once in awhile she’ll have a night where she does stay dry. She usually wakes up once during the night and asks to get in bed with us. Sometimes we let her, sometimes not, sometimes just for a few minutes. But we need to be more consistent with making her going to the bathroom when she does wake up and then I think she’ll learn to hold it all night.

She is such a bug girl. She likes to look for spiders in our downstairs family room (obviously I need to vacuum) and she searches for any and all types of bugs outside. The other day she was letting a centipede crawl all over here. I’m a farm girl and all but that was a little creepy.

Having never had a 3-year old before I don’t know if the extreme moodiness is normal. But boy is she moody. Like I said, I think some of it is me, but even in the past week or so since I’ve been feeling better she’s had some pretty tough days. She gets upset so easily and so I have to remind myself to tread lightly and think before I speak and be patient. One morning she was so upset about everything and asked if she could just go to bed. Ten minutes later she was back and her cheerful, silly self.  We also need to make sure we give both Angel and Caleb one-on-one time.  Just tonight Angel and I went to the store by ourselves and it was so fun. I know they each need that, especially with them being so close in age, and so I want to do a better job of that.

Angel is such a precious little girl. At least once a day Pat and I look at each other and smile because she says or does something that is so funny or amazing or is such a blessing (talking like a mommy to Caleb – “it’s ok sweety”).  Every day I thank Jesus for allowing me to be her mom. I know I fail terribly most days. And I just pray that she knows how very blessed we are to be her parents.

With Daddy and Peanut…

Getting a ride from Aunt Nellie…

Getting her fishing pole ready (or maybe just messing around)…

Reeling one in with Papa’s help…

Chilling with Papa…

Me and my girl…