Caleb in May 2011

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Oh my baby boy.

He’s talking so much lately.  Putting words together in sentences and saying alot of different words.  He said his first 6-word sentence, “Gel. Help. Me. Make. Rock. Please.” We were playing with playdoh and Angel was making “rocks”.  There’s still alot we can’t understand and that can be frustrating for him. The other day he was saying “pat twit” or that’s what it sounded like. It took us about 15 minutes to finally figure out he was saying “pants wet”.   I just love seeing and hearing him grow and learn and I think he really loves being able to communicate better with us.

He’s all about the “why”. Angel didn’t really have this stage and so it’s new for us. So far it’s mostly just funny because he’ll ask “why” about the silliest things and then we have to struggle to come up with somewhat of a reasonable answer.  And then of course we have to be disciplined to not answer “because” every time he asks why.

Caleb is still all about the fight. He loves to “fight” and wrestle and karate chop.  He also loves to sit on top of Angel so she can’t breathe. Nice. We are constantly talking about not hitting and not kicking (and spending time in timeout or in his bed “thinking about what it means to be nice”).  The other day at church he pretty much tackled our friend Gloria. I told her that means he loves her.  But I hope this is a phase and that he can learn other ways to express his love.

With both the kids we’ve started talking to them about the need to listen to and obey mama and daddy. I know that seems like “duh” but I use that when I can see they aren’t going to listen. Especially with Caleb, I’ll say, “Caleb I need you to obey mama, please ….” And it seems to work pretty good most of the time. We are trying to help them understand the correlation between obeying mom and dad and obeying God and how God wants us to honor and obey our mom and dad.  We certainly still have lots of battles and discipline issues with him but it seems to be getting a little better. Perhaps it’s him getting older or maybe us getting wiser and more patient or both.

Or maybe it’s a fluke because we’ll still have really bad days where he’s the naughtiest little thing ever.

Nothing new in the eating department. He still is allergic to eggs. We thought he had outgrown it but he had a pretty bad outbreak a few weeks ago. It’s still very confusing for us though because there are some days when he eats absolutely no egg and he breaks out. And then some days he eats a little something with egg and he doesn’t break out.  So honestly I’m not sure.  But he’s still a normal 2-year old – famished one day, won’t eat a thing the next day.  He does pretty good with eating fruits and veggies and so we ‘re happy about that.

For the most part Caleb is sleeping through the night although just recently he started waking up and wanting to get in our bed. So I guess he’s not sleeping through the night. So far it’s not every night and we’re trying to stay consistent and just walk him back to bed.  For the most part he’s staying dry all night and if he does wake up he’s good about telling us if he has to go. He’ll wet the bed every once in awhile when he’s really tired and we let him sleep in.  Overall with both Angel and Caleb our potty training experience was pretty non-traumitizing and I’m so thankful for that!

Along with his speech improving he’s getting better with numbers, letters and puzzles. He can count to ten (kinda) on his own – to six really good.  When he was younger he really struggled with puzzles but now he can do them pretty good. And we’re working on our letters.  It’s a balance because I can’t expect him to learn as quickly as Angel but at the same time I don’t want to give him a free pass because I’m worried about comparing him to Angel.  Oh the joy of being a neurotic parent.

He’s just as funny as Angel is.  His genuine excitement and awe over things is so funny. He’ll say, “OH WOW NICE,” about things.  We stopped at my brother’s house when we were visiting my parents last week and that’s what he said when he walked in their bathroom. Anytime he sees something new he’ll get pretty jazzed about it.  He also talks to and yells at the dogs and thinks he’s the boss of them. When they bark he’ll yell out the back door, “HUSH!” But he also says that to us sometimes and then it’s not so funny.

He and Angel are just two peas in a pod. It was pretty tough on him this year when Angel when to school on Friday mornings.  And the other day she went over to the neighbors to play and he couldn’t go with and he had a complete meltdown.  They still share a bedroom and we’ll continue that as long as we can because I know they are going to have a fit if they have to sleep in different rooms.

We’ve yet to have any major injuries despite Caleb’s fearless ambition to scare his mama half to death. He’s such a little daredevil. And thank goodness he has the hardest head. Seriously. He hits his head or gets hit in the head all the time. He cries for a bit, rubs it and then is ok. His latest antic is climbing the fence in our backyard. It’s just a chain link fence, but still it’s pretty high and he’s a little dude.

Caleb is such a joy (and a terror). We are so thankful to be his parents! We pray every day, “Thank you Jesus!” and “Please keep him safe!”

Enjoying a snack with big sister…

Fishing with Daddy…

Fishing with Papa…

Big bite! He insists on using a big spoon to eat his breakfast.

Me and my boy!


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