I could run forever

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I could run forever.

That is if my knee didn’t hurt. And my groin didn’t ache. And my feet didn’t tingle. And my other knee didn’t hurt. And my shoulder didn’t ache.

My lungs are just fine. It’s all the rest of me that’s a mess.

Thankfully most of my aches and pains are just normal I’m older than dirt stuff. And I can usually run through it. We’ll see if that’s the case when I start putting in the big miles. Which will be happening sooner rather than later.

My mom and I, and hopefully Patrick, are going to be doing a half marathon! I’m so excited. Last week I was talking to Pat about needing something to keep me motivated.  We were going to do the half marathon in our town, which is the second week of September. But unfortunately it’s not the best marathan for having alot of spectators (cheerleaders) along the course. And that’s hard for those of us older than dirt that run really slow.  I looked around at half marathons that are close to us and we decided Omaha was our best option (15 bands along the course of the marathon). That marathon is the end of September and so we have a good 15 weeks of training!

Saturday morning I ran 4 miles and it felt great. Well other than the knee, groin, feet and shoulder aches and pains.  But I really did feel like I could run forever.  I’m using Hal Higdon’s training guide and he emphasizes stretching, strength training and cross training, in addition to running and so hopefully that will help my aches and pains to be minimized.

I’m going to start keeping a weekly documentation of my training (and hopefully healthier eating). The great thing of Hal’s training guide is there is something for every level. Maybe you’re not up for a half marathon but I encourage you to lace up those shoes (not too tight) and get out for a walk or run. And if you’re in the area and are feeling challenged, join us for the half marathon the end of September.   We’ll be the group in the back of the pack.

Training last week:

Monday 06/06: ran 1.5 miles
Wednesday: 06/08: ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile
Friday 06/10: did Jillian 30 day shred (mostly strength and abs) for 20 minutes plus about 30 minutes of stretching
Saturday 06/11: ran 4.2 miles

Eating last week:

I plead the fifth.


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