Family reunion

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This past Sunday we had a family reunion for Pat’s mom’s side of the family. She has 12 brothers and sisters (right?) and so there are alot of people there.  And always alot of yummy high calorie food.

Here is Pat’s entire family. Except we are missing Princess & Prankster and Prince and one niece Jiwoo.  Otherwise I think everyone else made it.

After the lunch potluck we played a few games. Water balloon toss… Angel wasn’t quite getting the “toss” part of it.

There we go, that’s a little better!

After the water balloon toss we had a 3-legged race.

This is Grandma Barb and our nieces Amanda and Erica. They were doing a 6-legged race I guess.

Angel and Krissy won!

This is not Caleb doing the bean bag toss. This is Caleb chasing Aunt Talou with his dinosaur.

After games it was time to play!

Spinning round and round!

It was a great day!

One thought on “Family reunion

    Kelly said:
    June 15, 2011 at 11:49 am

    What a fun day! Glad the weather cooperated for you!


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