Walking and running and playing and napping

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Last time we were at my parent’s we had chilly, overcast weather. But that didn’t stop us from getting out (at least for a little bit).

Lately Caleb hasn’t been too keen on getting out though. Especially when it involves walking for any sort of time.  So mom and Angel took off jogging/walking and I hung back because I had just run 3 miles and was exhausted and tried to coax Caleb along.

He was too busy picking flowers…

Every once in awhile I’d stop and stretch my old sore muscles and see that he was goofing off.  Then I would yell at him to hurry up and then he would say, “OTAY MAMA!” and then he’d goof off some more.

Mom and Angel were WAY ahead of us. See? Way up there on the trail…

And finally I took it upon myself to get Caleb moving a little faster…

He didn’t mind at all. (But my shoulders did.)

Angel ran most of the way. But then she got tired and on the way back decided to pick flowers.

And then she was too tired to walk.  Oh my poor shoulders.
But it sure was fun so it was worth it.

After awhile Grandma’s shoulders took a beating too.

Love this picture. Me and my beautiful babies!

Later that day my sister, the kids and I found a park.  We gave the kiddos lessons on merry-go-round etiquette. Seeing a merry-go-round like this reminded us of summer days at my Grandma’s in Ashton.  And that reminded us of Ashton street dances.  And that reminded us that we’re old. 

But then we played on the monkey bars with the kiddos and we felt young again (or not).  

And then we all went home and took a nap!


2 thoughts on “Walking and running and playing and napping

    Leana said:
    June 17, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Oh, these pics are so awesome! Next time you guys should hang out at our house, was thinking of getting some kind of water toy for the kiddies! Not for on the water, but some kind of sprayer or something so they can run through the water, know what I’m sayin?

      Missy responded:
      June 19, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      They would love it! Can’t wait to come hang out at your new home!

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