Let the fun (pain) begin

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12 weeks to go.

Training for the half marathon started today, 2 weeks early. We found out my cousin is getting married the same weekend of the Omaha marathon (September 24-25) and so we won’t be doing that one. Thankfully we hadn’t registered yet. We’ve decided to do the half marathon in my hometown on September 11th.  I’m not as excited about that one as I was Omaha, because as I mentioned there aren’t alot of spectators. So to everyone who lives in Sioux Falls – mark your calendar for September 11th and plan to come out and cheer for me so that I don’t collapse and die.

Even though training hadn’t officially began, I did pretty well last week with keeping on track with both running and eating.  Pat and I have been trying to use MyPlate again to keep track of our calories. I can’t begin to tell you how useful that is to keep track, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain. It doesn’t matter how much a person exercises, if your calories in are more than calories out, you aren’t going to lose weight. 

So anyway, enough preaching at ya.  I think what I’m not looking forward to these next 12 weeks is having to run. If I want to run the entire 13.1 miles I’m going to have to stay on top of my training plan.  And that can be hard some days with my work schedule of working til 12:30 am, having the two babies and then dealing with the weather, because I’m sorry but I’m not so committed yet that I’m going to run in the rain.  

For example this morning it poured and was crazy windy but I knew I had to get a run in.  It got nice late morning so the kids and I went over to the track and while I ran they played in the long jump pit sand box.  Unfortunately I can only make it about 2 miles before they start to throw sand at each other or pull their pants down and pee all over the track and themselves.  So even though today I was supposed to run 3 miles, I ran 2 and then tomorrow I’ll run 3 and hopefully get back on track.

Here’s my past week’s training and eating…

Monday 06/13: 3.2 miles. Hard and slow. Felt awful.
Tuesday 06/14: Absolutely nothing.
Wednesday 06/15: 3.2 miles. Slow. 12.5 pace. (What’s the deal?)
Thursday 06/16: 2×200 intervals for 1.5 miles. Yuck. Ran (sprint) 200, walked 200. Was suppose to run (sprint) 400, walk 400 but this old body couldn’t make it that far.
Friday 06/17: Absolutely nothing.
Saturday 06/18: 4.5 miles. 11.25 pace. Felt much better than previous runs.
Sunday 06/18: Stretched. Played a little tennis with the hubs.


I didn’t keep specifics every day this week but overall I did pretty good with eating healthy.

Breakfast every day is 1 serving Multi-Grain Cheerios with 1% milk. I was on a Special K kick but lately it’s been Cheerios. I eat breakfast after I run. Usually before I run I’ll have 1/3 of a Cliff bar to give me a little energy.

A few days this week I had an omelette for lunch. Two eggs with feta cheese and veggies.  Yummo.  A few other days I did a wrap with chicken, feta cheese and veggies. And a few other days I had leftovers.

For supper we had burgers one night, fish one night, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches one night (oh yes we did), pita pizzas one night (recipe below), went out to Hu Hot for Father’s Day one night and then I worked two nights and both those nights I got my usual, a turkey and swiss sub with green peppers at the hospital cafeteria. 

For snacks I’ve had tortilla chips (1 serving), regular wheat thins (1 serving) and alot of fruit and veggies! We’ve been buying lots of strawberries, grapes, apples and green and red peppers. (I can’t wait until my garden veggies are done!)  Unfortunately I’m a ice cream junky. A few weeks ago our local store had Eddy’s ice cream on sale and they have a light version with 1/2 the fat and calories. So as long as I stick to one serving (I think 1/2 cup?) that’s only around 100 calories. I should have stocked up because normally they are pretty expensive.

I’ve been limiting myself to one Coke a day and I’ve been trying to get to where I’m only having one when I work. I’ve convinced myself that I need to have one when I work to help me stay up til 12:30 am but that’s probably not entirely true because caffeine doesn’t really effect me.  So maybe I’ll get back to cutting it out completely.

The pita pizzas I mentioned above we had this weekend. The “pita” crust was actually those sandwich thins (there are alot of recipes on their website).  I put a little extra virgin olive oil on them and baked them in a 400 degree oven for about 6-8 minutes. I then added sauce, cheese and veggies and meat (we had spinach, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and ham) and then cooked them for another 6-8 minutes or so.  They were so yummy and the sandwich thins are only 50 calories per little pizza (100 calories per sandwich thin) plus the calories for toppings of course. Makes a great little snack or easy supper!

Well, this is getting super long so I’ll sign off for now.  Wish me luck as I begin my training adventure. As I was running this morning on the track, watching my 2 year old across the football field pull his pants down to pee, I was thinking that I’m crazy and that I cannot do this.  But we’re gonna give it a try and see if I can come out alive at the end of it.


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