Baking bread

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For the life of me I can’t remember what type of bread we made last week. Whatever it was we made, the kids LOVE getting covered head to toe in flour helping me. They get their own little batch of dough to play with.  Angel also enjoys licking and eating the flour. (Yuck.)

(Angel quit eating the flour!)

(I’m a picture taking dummy. Without the flash it was blurry. With the flash it was so dark. I need to take a class or something. Or invest in a decent camera.)

This week we made bread again. It was a crummy day on Tuesday outside and we were house bound all day long. I was trying to think of things we could do and I found a pretty easy bread recipe on Pioneer Woman’s blog.

Yes, they are wearing different clothes in the next pictures. Same day I promise.  While we waited for our bread to rise we actually got dressed.

Yummo! They are so good. The best thing is that it makes a huge batch and it can sit in the fridge for 2 days. So we had fresh bread on Tuesday and then today I made another batch and I’ll make another batch tomorrow.

It’s probably the messiest thing we do at our house but the kids love it and it’s pretty cute to see them covered in flour. It’s not cute seeing how dirty my floor gets but I guess that’s why they invented brooms.

Here’s PW’s recipe.


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