Squirmy and Mr Wiggles

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Angel loves worms. She likes to name them and take them on walks in her little shopping cart.  Caleb will tolerate worms. They kind of creep him out but he’s getting a little more comfortable playing with them like Angel does.

One day last week after a big rain we went outside to go worm hunting. We waited a little too long and so weren’t very successful. The kids did find a few though. They carried their little watering buckets to collect their treasures.

Angel names all her worms. They are all named Squirmy.

Over Father’s Day weekend we went to a lake nearby our house so Pat could do a little fishing. The kids and I sat on the beach and played in the sand. After awhile they got bored and so we went and stole two of Daddy’s worms.  For some reason she decided that these worms were not worthy of the name Squirmy. They were Mr Wiggles.

(Pictures taken with phone.)

It actually crossed my mind that we should get Angel a worm farm. But then I wasn’t sure if worm farms existed and I’m not sure how long worms live and what in the world am I smoking anyway?   Considering they already have 3 dogs and 2 horses and a crazy mom and my dad has threatened to buy Caleb a rabbit I think we’ll leave Squirmy and Mr Wiggles outside in their natural element.


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