Family reunion post is delayed to announce that I ran real fast

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I had a good week last week of training.  Although each morning when my alarm went off at 6:15 am it didn’t feel so good. Especially when I worked the night before.  Pat and I are also having to juggle schedules because he bikes in the evenings and so if I don’t get my rear out of bed in the morning I have to run in the evening too.

So this is what my week looked like:

Monday, June 20: 2 miles
Tuesday, June 21: 3 miles
Wednesday, June 22: rest
Thursday, June 23: 3 miles
Friday, June 24: biked 30 minutes
Saturday, June 24: 4 miles
Sunday, June 25: rest

On Saturday we participated in a fun run/walk that is put on by a local running store, Runner’s Block. There were a few others running 4 miles but I wasn’t expecting to keep up with them because I’m usually always the slowest person.  I felt like I kinda started out fast but was feeling good and so kept at it. At about mile 1, three ladies passed me but I was able to keep them in sight and stay pretty close behind them. At the 2 mile turn around they waited for me, which honestly scared me to death because I knew I was running faster than I’d ever run before. 

Not only was I scared of getting hurt, I was scared of having a heart attack. But I felt pretty good, so I kept up with them.

At mile 3 though I could start to feel the pain and so I backed off just a bit and ran behind them.  The last 2 blocks or so we finished together and I ended up running around a 10 minute pace.  In case you forgot, a 10 minute pace is 1.5 minutes faster than my usual pace.  So that was exciting.

We then ate bagels and then I won a $10 gift card to Bagel Boy!  If you’re in the Sioux Falls area, come out for the next fun run/walk on Saturday, July 23rd (details on facebook or store website). There are always lots of great prizes given away and even better than that is the fun of running with others.

I did pretty good on the food side of things this week. That is until we departed for our family reunion on Saturday. It was at the point that you would often hear Pat or me saying, “we’re on vacation” as an excuse for consuming an obsene amount of calories.

Even though I’m only on week 2 it feels like I’ve been training forever. So hopefully I don’t get too lazy burned out before September comes. 


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