Looking at life through a broken windshield

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Last Friday the kids and I were running errands getting ready for our trip out of town for our family reunion.  We were about six blocks from home when I noticed a little boy and girl in their yard throwing rocks into the street. It looked like they were trying to hit cars.

As we came up to them the little boy looked me straight in the eye and whipped a rock at my van, hitting the windshield. It didn’t shatter but made a pretty good mark.

I slammed on the breaks (thankfully no one was behind us), did a u-turn in the street and pulled into their driveway. As soon as I stopped they went running for their lives behind their house. Sitting in the driveway I could see them peeking out from behind the garage.

At first I was shocked, then ticked and then overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to do. I called Pat and he said to call the police but I just couldn’t bring myself to call the police on those two little terrors kiddos. Just about that time the little girl comes out to my car.

Girl: What’s wrong? What happened?

Me: (Really?) Well honey, you threw a rock at my car.

Girl: We didn’t mean to. (Really?)

Me: Are your parents home?

Girl: Are you going to tell on me or are you going to tell on Cooper?

Me: Are your parents home?

Girl: (crying) Are you going to tell on me or are you going to tell on Cooper?

Me: Are. Your. Parents. Home?

Girl: Ya, my Grandpa.  But I’ve got this handled. Really. I’ve got it handled.

Me: (Starting to get out of the car.) No honey. I need to talk to your Grandpa.

Girl: (crying harder). NO YOU DON’T. I’ll tell him. I promise. We’ll tell him what happened.

Me: I’m sorry honey. I need to talk to him.

Just then Cooper comes out from behind the garage crying uncontrollably asking if I’m going to tell. They both soon begin wailing, “NOOOO.”  Poor little things. It was at this point that I started to feel sorry for them and almost just left without talking to Grandpa.

But I did talk to Grandpa and he felt awful (and was ticked) and offered to pay our deductible if we had to get the windshield replaced.  At first I didn’t think it was that bad but when he came out and looked at it he basically freaked and thought for sure we’d have to replace the windshield because he thought it would all shatter. Thankfully it didn’t and we ended up not replacing the windshield. The glass guy came a few days ago and was able to repair it pretty good. Hopefully we don’t regret not replacing the entire thing.

A few hours after it happened I was able to reflect on everything and shared with Pat everything the little girl said. I was amazed at how much her actions and words often resemble life.

What often happens when we sin?

1. Denial (What’s wrong? What happened?)
2. Blame someone else (Are you going to tell on me or Cooper?)
3. Try to handle it ourselves (I’ve got this handled. Really. I’ve got it handled.)
4. Despair (Pretty much the whole conversation.)

And then I thought about what Pat said after I told him everything.

“I wish I could go over there and take them out for ice cream.”

Now obviously our Heavenly Father offers us more than ice cream. But what a perfect example of forgiveness and unconditional love.  We will sin and make choices that are not right. And we might even go through denial, blaming others or trying to handle it ourselves.  Thankfully the Lord is there to take all of it, even our despair. 

There are always consequences to our sin but He is loving and forgiving. Throughout our life we will have rocks thrown at us but we will also often be the ones throwing rocks. But God is faithful. His love knows no end. And for that I’m so thankful.


One thought on “Looking at life through a broken windshield

    Jenny said:
    July 3, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Missy, my friend, wonderful analogy as always. You have a way with words!

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