A new play list for those long runs

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It was a good week of training. A not so good week for eating.

Monday, June 27th: swam laps 15 minutes, total 30 minutes, yes lame
Tuesday, June 28th: ran 3 miles
Wednesday, June 29th: ran 3 miles, hard run, windy and hot
Thursday, June 30th: rest day
Friday, July 1st: another lame day, did 30 minutes of sit ups and weights
Saturday, July 2nd: 4.5 miles, good run
Sunday July 3rd: rest, suppose to do strength and stretching but didn’t happen

First of all Monday. We were still in Okoboji at our family reunion. My plan was to do 30 minutes of lap swimming. Well my plan was dumb. Swimming is hard, people. I was about dying when I looked at the clock and realized I’d been swimming for 5 minutes! I made it another 10 and then played with the kids for another 15. That probably doesn’t really count as a training day but I’ll take it anyway.

Wednesday was so tough. It was hot and windy and I didn’t run in the morning, because I worked Tuesday night.  I ran 12 minute miles but it felt more like I was pulling a 2 ton truck behind me.

I also worked Thursday night and ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep. So needless to say I felt awful on Friday. I was suppose to cross train for 30 minutes and while I had planned to bike, I ended up just doing sit ups and weights for 30 minutes. I still worked up quite a sweat so that’s good I guess.  But I was also very sore the next day for my long run so it probably wasn’t the best idear.

Despite being sore, my long run went pretty well. Pat, the kids and I drove over to a park along the bike trails. He and the kids played while I ran and then after I got done he went on a bike ride (had bike in back of van).  We both had our workouts in by 10 am so it worked out well.

Saturday I got to listen to my new playlist! I was so excited. Up until now I’ve had three playlists that I’ve used…my old list of songs on my Ipod, my newest playlist on my phone and Pat’s running playlist.  One time when I was visiting my parents I used my mom’s Ipod and she had an awesome playlist and so I wanted to get some of those same songs. Plus I needed some music that had a little more upbeat tempo. Here’s what I ended up with…

Stronger by Mandisa
I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas
Beauty Will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman
Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
Earthquake by Family Force Five
Drama Queen by Family Force Five
Everything by Michael Buble
More Than Fine by Switchfoot
Brown Eyed Girl by Everclear
Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath
Heartbeat by Remedy Drive
Light Up the Sky by The Afters
Airplanes by B.O.B.
Do You Remember by Jack Johnson
Better Together by Jack Johnson
The Show by Lenka
If I Stand by Rich Mullins
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
I’m Taking You With Me by Relient K
Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K

Some of them are a little slow but I like those songs alot and they make me think of my hubby and my Savior and those things help me keep going.  Some of them make me think of nothing but they have a great beat and help me put one foot in front of the other.

Well as far as the food goes, it was an ok week. I don’t think I ever went over my calories for each day. However I ate alot of empty calories and so that’s not good. Especially when I’m running. I need to do better at eating good fuel foods.  Work is especially hard as I usually get a soda and a cookie and maybe chips and just snack all night. Really need to stop that.

This is actually next week’s training news but I have to share that Pat is running and it looks like he’ll be doing the 1/2 marathon with me! His knee has been really bothering him and so he’s been biking up a storm trying to strengthen it and lose a little more weight. Last night he ran 3 miles and felt great! Woo hoo, my man is awesome!

I’ll leave you with my favorite song from my playlist…


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