Tips to running success

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1. Don’t bike for an hour with your spouse the day before your long run.

2. Don’t bike on a new off-road trail with your spouse the day before your long run.

3. Don’t wipe out three times on an off-road trail the day before your long run.

4. Don’t eat gelato, half a panini, popcorn and pop for supper the day before your long run.

(You’re welcome.)

Another week gone, another week closer to race day. Every time I run I think to myself what am I doing and how in the world am I going to run 13 miles. But then I just keep going and surprisingly I don’t die.

Monday, July 4th: ran 3.6 miles
Tuesday, July 5th: ran 2.5 miles
Wednesday, July 6th: rest
Thursday, July 7th: ran 3.6 miles
Friday, July 8th: biked 1 hour
Saturday, July 9th: ran 5 miles
Sunday, July 10th: rest

The “shorter” runs weren’t too bad this week. I think. It’s all kind of a blur so honestly I can’t remember.

Saturday I had to work at 8 am but I decided to get up early and run anyway. I like running in the morning much better than running in the evening. Not sure why. It just seems that every time I run in the evening my legs are so tired and it’s not a good run.

My alarm was set for 6 am and when I woke up and looked out the window it was pretty windy. Grrr. I was going to be cutting it close on time anyway and if I ran slow I’d be struggling to get to work on time. I decided to chance it and took off on my regular 3 mile route. The plan was to run that, which would take me back home, I could get a drink of water and then finish my last 2 miles.

It turned out the wind was blowing 3 directions on Saturday. Oofta. It was a tough run. And it seriously felt like I was going against the wind no matter which way I ran.  Not to mention my legs and arms were killing me from my bike ride the day before (and my 3 wipe outs). I thought for sure I was running at the fastest a 12 minute pace and so after the first 3 miles I tried to kick it up a notch.  I surprisingly ended up running an 11 minute pace and made it to work at 7:59 am.

I’m not sure why I said I’d also document my eating because I’m not documenting my eating during the week. I’m just trying to keep tabs on my calories and eat more good calories and fuel foods.   Cut me some slack now. I said I’m trying. I realize gelato, popcorn and pop don’t count as fuel foods.

That’s about it for last week’s training.  The good news for this week is that we’re going on vacation on Thursday. The bad news for this week is that we’re going on vacation on Thursday.  The really good news is we’re going to be visiting the cupcake queen.  The really bad news is that we’re going to be visiting the cupcake queen and she’s making us supper Thursday night.  Hello 10 extra pounds. I’ve missed ya, but it’ll be good to have you back. (Not.)


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