Five for Friday

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(Once again, I’m stealing the “Five for Friday” idea from my friend Anna.)

1. I got a haircut. Again.

Initially I hated it. I got it cut in a spur of the moment decision while on vacation. Always a bad idea. The lady cutting it isn’t going to win any nice lady of the year awards anytime soon.

But after a few days it’s started to grow on me. It’s super easy and I can still put it in itty bitty pig tails when I run.

2. While on vacation (which I’ll be posting about soon), my sister and I found this amazing consignment store. Not only were the clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry in great shape and stylish, but most everything was super cheap. I found these shoes and fell in love.

(I realize I need a pedicure badly.)

My husband thinks I’m a complete wacko because when we got home I realized I already had a green tank that matches and I might have been super excited about it. Ya!

Unfortunately they are very uncomfortable and cause extreme pain when I walk more than 10 steps. Oh well.

3. You might think this post should be titled, “Me, myself and I,” but I promise that’s enough about me.

I should write a separate post about number 3 and title it, “The day I killed the dog.”

Our dog Allie bit Caleb this week. Both our dogs, Allie is a border collie/lab and Ed is a lab/husky, have been amazing with little kids. But when Peanut became a part of our family Allie started acting weird and jealous. And she also started getting real nervous around Caleb. Everytime he’d come into the same room she’d leave and basically completely avoided him.

On Wednesday she was sitting next to me and he came up to her and gave her a hug. I don’t know if he squeezed too hard or what but she basically attacked him. It scares me to think what would have happened if I wouldn’t have been there.

He had to get 3 steri strips on the bottom cut but the one by his eye was closing up pretty good. Unfortunately he also got a black swollen eye. This was Wednesday night before bed.  Poor baby. Or maybe I should say poor dog. The protective mama bear is rearing her ugly head. Don’t mess with my kids.

4. Speaking of dogs, I have yet to share with you that Peanut is no longer in our family.  Caleb and Peanut were also not getting along well and she was getting increasingly hostile with him. Of course she is a tiny thing so we weren’t really as worried about Caleb as we were about Peanut. The breaking point was one day I caught Caleb attempting to hit her hard with a big toy microphone.

Angel was ok with Peanut leaving. In fact she said, “I think Peanut should go back to Nellie. I don’t like it when she barks all the time.” She had started barking at Caleb anytime he walked into the room.  So Peanut is back home with Aunt Nellie and is doing great. Angel hasn’t missed a beat and we still get to visit whenever we want.

5. We are excited for tonight because it’s date night. Only a little different. Pat and Caleb are going to a baseball game and Angel and I are having our own date. Angel and I aren’t sure yet what we’re going to do but Pat and I are very excited to have some 1-on-1 time with the kiddos.

And can I squeeze in some prayer requests under number 5?

~Tripp and Courtney Roth, poor baby is in so much pain.

~Pray for family and friends of a young girl named Ashley. She was killed in a boating accident last weekend. Ashley worked in the summer care program at our church.  Pray too for the kids and staff at the summer care program, especially my good friend Bonnie who is the director. I know God is using her in a mighty way to minister to her kids and staff but I can only imagine how difficult it’s been.

Hope you have a great weekend. Hug your kiddos and tell them you love them, ok?


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