No catchy title for this week

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My training updates are getting pretty boring, I’m thinking. I can’t even think of a clever title.

How about, “The week of heat.”  (Boring)

Or, “I’m a wuss and can’t run when the heat index is 150 at 6:00 in the morning.”


Ok, well let’s get on with it, I guess.

Monday, July 18th: 3 miles (was supposed to run 4)
Tuesday, July 19th: 2 miles
Wednesday, July 20th: 3.5 miles (was supposed to run 4)
Thursday, July 21st: rest
Friday, July 22nd: nothing (was supposed to cross-train)
Saturday, July 23rd: 6 miles (Ya!)
Sunday, July 24th: rest

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were torture. As you can see I was supposed to run 4 miles on Monday and Wednesday but cut it short. Monday was because it was so hot I was about ready to pass out and my feet were numb. Wednesday was because I was at the track with the kids, it was very hot, and they were starting to take their clothes off. 

Friday night I had every intention of biking but then I had a date with Angel and Pat had a date with Caleb and it just didn’t work out.  Translation: I ate too much at Spezia and had too much frozen yogurt at Cherry Berry.

I talked about my shoes in last week’s update. Well, it wasn’t any better this week. I could only make it about 2 miles before my feet went numb. I switched back to my old shoes for Saturday’s long run and I felt great. So now I have to decide if I’m just going to stick with my old shoes, which really aren’t that old, or continue to try to make my new shoes work.

I’m still trying to decide if I should buy one of those flashy water bottle holder things to wear when I run. When I get over 3.5, 4 miles I tend to really need a drink of water. A few times I’ve used a route that brings me back around to the house 1/2 way but I don’t always like running so much in my neighborhood. I really love running on the bike trails, especially the long runs, because the miles are marked out. 

For the most part eating went well last week. When we went on vacation we tried Cliff Crunch Granola Bars. I love them.  I’m continuing to try to eat more fuel foods and not get too wrapped up about calorie count, especially when I’m eating healthy and starting to put in alot more miles. After this week it really bumps up. I have to run 4, 2, 4 and then an easy run, a day of rest and am supposed to run a 5K race on the weekend.  And then after that during the week I’m supposed to run 4-6 and on the weekends 7, 8, 9 and then 10 the week before the big race.  Whew, it’s getting closer!

If you’re in the area, I’ll be running the Brandon 5K on Saturday. Come out and run with me or just cheer me on so I don’t die


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