I will finish

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It was a tough training week.

Monday, July 25: rest

Tuesday, July 26: 4 miles

Wednesday, July 27: nothing

Thursday, July 28: walked 2 miles pushing the kids in stroller

Friday, July 29: nothing

Saturday, July 30: nothing

Sunday, July 31: 6.5 miles

A few things contributed to the lack of training:

~The crazy heat

~I had to work Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs this week

~Lack of sleep, kids not sleeping

~Just plain exhausted

On my 4 mile run I wore my old shoes and my knee and groin hurt pretty bad.  On my 6.5 mile run I wore my new shoes but  my feet were numb for most of it.  Painful.  If it wasn’t for that it would have been an awesome run. I remembered to take some Tylenol before that long run and my knee felt pretty good until the very end so at least I wasn’t dealing with that.  But it was hard to keep going.

My biggest fear as I count down the days to September 11th race day, is that I’m not going to finish.  When you look in the dictionary under “people who don’t finish things,” you’ll see my picture in the #1 spot.

I know I’m a little hard on myself but it’s true. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s not finishing things.  As the years have gone by I’d like to think that I’ve improved in this area of life but honestly I don’t know that I have.  So more than anything, I just want to finish. If I have to crawl across that finish line, then so be it.

The kids are staying with my parents for a few days so I’m hoping to get back into the training swing of things while they are gone.  This week starts the big uptick in miles and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am counting the days until I can just run for fun health and not because I have to for a race.

One thing that will hopefully help out with training is we found a double jogging stroller at a garage sale for $60. It’s in great shape and while it’s still a hard workout pushing the kiddos, it’s so much easier than our regular double stroller. I’m not sure I can run any distance with them but I can for sure do some fast walking, which counts as cross-training, and probably strength training too.

One thing that helps me keep running is my music. But not all of it.  I shared my new playlist with you a few weeks ago and I thought some of that more uptempo music would help but honestly, it doesn’t. Call me a freak if you want, but if the lyrics aren’t encouraging or don’t remind me of the fact that my Lord is right there alongside me, well then it does nothing for me.

This is one of those songs. One of the encouraging ones.  Obviously this song deals with some pretty tough issues and my training for a half marathon doesn’t come close to comparing to those. However, the words of this song bring a healing touch to my body, soul and mind as I’m running.  And for that I’m thankful.

So I’ll run, straight into your arms….


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