When the kids are away

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Mama was gonna play. And clean and organize and get a whole bunch of stuff done.

The days haven’t gone as planned.  But it’s still been a good couple of days.

On Monday I slept in until 8 am. That’s major sleep in people. Ya!  I realized it was 150 degrees outside so got a moving so I could get my run in. Ran 3 miles. Barely. It was hot.

I spent 30 minutes trying to catch my breath, gulping down water and stretching. And then enjoyed a very long cold shower without little ones banging on the door. It was awfully quiet. Maybe a little too quite?

After that I texted with Pat about what to do about our van. As you know the air went out a few weeks ago. Well the past few days it’s sounded like a huge diesel truck. Hopefully it’s still just the air conditioning but we needed to get it fixed before it turned into something worse.  I made a few calls and got an appointment at a place close to Pat’s work. Drove over and dropped off the van. Pat picked me up and I brought him back to work. Mama gets to drive the Jeep for a few days.

I met my friend Kristin for lunch. I laughed and was encouraged and had great food. Also got to hold Simeon and kiss him and hug him and it was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.

Was back home at 12:30 to start my big project list.  But wasn’t feeling very motivated. So I sat down and read the rest of my book.  30 minutes later I thought I should do something so I did a load of dishes and cleaned the kitchen while I watched the latest episode of Drop Dead Diva online.  And then I sat down and watched a movie.

One part of my big plan to clean, organize and get a whole bunch of stuff done was the kid’s room.  I had this crazy plan to decorate but thankfully I came to my senses. Obviously my kids don’t care what their room looks like. And the only thing I care about is that there is a place for everything. So I am going to do a few things to get it a little more organized. But that didn’t happen on Monday.

After my movie – Source Code, which was really dumb – I ran to a few stores before having to pick up Pat from work at 5:30.  I found some great bins on sale at Kmart that will go in the kid’s room.  Pat surprised me and said he had plans to take me out to eat. So after I picked him up at work we drove 10 miles west of town and went out to eat at the buffet at a new casino/resort.  It was so good. And so much food.

We were home by 7:00 pm, and Pat set to work putting together a shelf I had got for the kids room. I set to work starting to clean the kids room. After a bit I realized I had the entire next day to clean and sort and organize and that I should spend this time with my hubby. So we sat down and watched Antiques Roadshow.

I won’t say it.

Ok, I will.

We were kinda bored. Ya know without the monsters running around fighting and screaming and hugging and kissing and wrestling.

Today I’ve been a little more productive. Got up earlier, 7 am, to drive Pat to work. Then drove to the bike trails to get my run in.  After that I started working on a sandbox for the kids in the backyard. I didn’t get very far because I couldn’t get the weed eater started and after 5 minutes of pulling weeds I was spent.  I stood on the deck for 5 minutes contemplating my next project. Kids room it is.

I’m happy to say I got their room done. It looks great (I think) and even though I know it won’t stay that way, that’s ok.  It just gives them a little more room and now things are better organized and sorted. Ya for mama with OCD!  Will post pictures tomorrow.

After finishing up their room I treated myself to a movie matinée. Ya know, because I’ve been working so hard these past few days. I saw Larry Crowne and I really liked it. I love me a chick flick. Especially with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. After the movie it was back home to work on our bedroom.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a before picture so you won’t be able to really appreciate the after. But again, we have more room, less clutter, and things are in place. Ya!

So now I sit at Dunn Bros because our internet is down and it wouldn’t be right for me to not blog about my days without the kids.  In an hour I get to meet another friend, Liz, for dinner and I can’t wait. TWO girlfriend dates in one week? Can’t get much better than that.

Tomorrow my kiddos get home and I can’t wait. I feel refreshed and recharged and I’m excited to finish off our last few weeks of summer before the routine of school and the fall starts.  I’ll post some pictures of my projects tomorrow. Hopefully tonight I can convince my hubby to help me finish the sandbox!

Ya know because I’ve been way too busy the past two days to get it done.


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