Day: August 3, 2011

The no baby staycation is over!

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The babies made it home today! Angel was pretty happy to be home. Caleb said he wanted to go back to Papa’s house. (Stinker.)

They loved the changes I made to their room. They were so excited about the stickers on their walls. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow. Although 12 minutes after they got home it was completely trashed with clothes and books and toys and why again didn’t I take an “after” picture before they got home? Oh well. Real life, right?

Angel brought a little friend home. A toad. And then tonight Pat and the kids came and had supper with me and Angel told me that Daddy caught another toad for her. And that they are in a bucket in the house. Pat says, “You don’t let the dogs in so I figured we could have toads in the house.” 

When Daddy asked Angel what the very best part of her visit to G’ma and Papa’s house was she said, “Um. Catching a toad.”

I got the kids’ sandbox done. It really wasn’t that hard. Put some liner down and open 12 bags of sand. Break back dumping bags of sand.  The kids love it. And I have a feeling are going to spend alot of time there. And my house is going to have a lot of sand in it.

Caleb seems alot older. We think he’s talking even better than he was four days ago. He also seems rougher and tougher and as soon as he found his sword (that my darling husband bought for him and Angel at the Dollar Tree store) he killed all the monsters in our house in every room. Whew. Glad he’s home.

Angel seems younger. She’s talking non-stop baby talk. I don’t know if I should ignore it or say something. Right now we are asking her to not talk baby talk. She’ll repeat it in regular talk but the very next sentence will be baby talk. I love my baby girl so much.

When we got home we had some cuddling time and then the kids had a snack. I showed them their “new” room and Angel stayed in there for the next 20 minutes reading every book on her shelf.

On our last night of our no baby staycation we had a real exciting night (or not). I had great dinner with my friend Liz (that actually was exciting and tons of fun!). Pat went on a bike ride. When I got home we worked on the backyard and garden.  After that we had to run to the gas station to get some gas for the mower. We didn’t run of course but took the topless Jeep and somehow found ourselves at the B&G for ice cream.  We got home, did not mow the lawn, I did laundry, Pat played his Xbox game, I layed down on the couch to surf our 21 (lame) channels and fell asleep.

It’s a good thing the babies are home! We need some excitement in our life!