Five for Friday

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(Most pictures taken with phone.)

1.  I read the blog Before the Morning and the other day Patrice posted this about being anxious. Such an encouragement to me. God’s Word is a balm to my soul.

2. Boo Mama posted about this store on Etsy. LOVE. IT. 

3. I forgot to mention that last week (or maybe the week before) I did some major cooking. We did bread and butter pickles:

Grandma Barb saved the pickles because I didn’t realize I was out of sugar until I had mixed everything together (except the sugar). She brought some over for us and saved the day!

We also made a whole bunch of salsa. I did both spicy for Patrick and just a tad bit spicy for me and the kids.

4. My darling Princess is such a crafty little thing. She’s made two skirts for Angel this summer.  So cute!

5. I found this picture in my phone today. My two little ladybugs with their butterfly crafts!

Enjoy your weekend!


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