Little bit good, little bit bad

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Are you getting tired of my training updates?

I am!

Ha. Too bad, I guess, huh.

Well it was an interesting week. It started off really good. I made a realization that perhaps my music wasn’t helping me after all.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but since I’ve been running again, I’ve really struggled with getting into “the zone”.  The zone for a runner is where basically you don’t feel or hear anything. You’re just, well, in the zone, and almost feel like you can run forever.

Perhaps it’s because I’m old and decrepid almost 40 that I’ve been struggling with getting in the zone. Perhaps it’s because I’m focused on my feet not going numb. Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to ignore the knee pain and groin pain. Perhaps it’s because there are a hundred crazy thoughts going through my head.  Perhaps it’s because, in addition to all these other perhaps, I’ve got music blaring in my ear.

Well I realized that I can’t really change all that other stuff, but I can change the music. And so I left my music at home one day.  And I had a great run.  By not having my music I can focus on my breathing rhythm and pace and more easily get into the zone.  So that was good.

Unfortunately the rest of my week wasn’t so good as my long run didn’t happen. I had every intention of it happening but I guess I kinda wimped out.

Monday, August 1st: 3 miles 
Tuesday, August 2nd: 4.5 miles
Wednesday, August 3rd: rest
Thursday, August 4th: nothing
Friday, August 5th: 4.2 miles
Saturday, August 6th: rest
Sunday, August 7th: 4 miles

My long run is usually Saturday but I didn’t run on Thursday and so I had to run on Friday which I meant I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday.  (It’s exhausting keeping all that straight!) I was going to do my long run (7 miles) on Sunday morning before church but it was one of those days when my alarm clock didn’t go off the kids slept in and so we wouldn’t have made it to church in time if I would have run. So we went to church, had lunch, I had a meeting at church at 12:15 and then I was going to run from the church to the bike trails and Pat and kids were going to go down to the trails for a walk and to play on the playground.

My meeting went a little long and so I didn’t get running until 1:30. For those of you familiar with Sioux Falls I ran from 49th/Bahnson up 49th Street to Cliff Ave (big hill). I then took Cliff to the bike trails.  After only about 1/2 mile I met up with Pat and the kids and I thought they were ready to go. So I turned around and walked back with them. Turns out they were going to play at the playground. So I decided to run for home. I got back on Cliff and went north to 26th Street (big hill) and then east on 26th Street. I only made it just past Southeastern before Pat came to pick me up.  I almost kept going all the way home.  But I didn’t.

(I apologize for that rambling paragraph if you aren’t familiar with Sioux Falls.)

It was so stinking hot and since I ate lunch I wasn’t feeling the best. And so I caved and went home. It didn’t help that when I mentioned to Pat and the kids that I might keep running that Angel started crying and wanted me to go home with them.  Oh, alright, you convinced me. I can’t really say no to my crying baby, can I?

I was hoping it was at least 5 miles but when we went back and figured out the mileage it was only 3.6 miles. Then I had about 1/2 mile on the trails so a lousy 4 miles. 

I’m not letting myself get too discouraged about it.  I reminded myself that the ridiculous hills had to count for a little extra. (Right?)  And I know that if I can just pick up this week I’ll be fine.  It’s supposed to be cooler and I have 4 days off of work in a row and so that will (hopefully) help.

That’s about it for the week. Last but not least, I’ll leave you with my favorite thing from this week, as lately I’ve been averaging 11.5-12 minute miles…

(Photo credit)

Ok, one more thing. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Sunday, September 11th. If you live in the Sioux Falls area come out and cheer for me and all the other runners! If you don’t live in the area, well how ’bout a little road trip? Or at least say a prayer for me, ok?!  I’m thinking about throwing a little “Missy’s Last Supper” meal on Saturday night before the big race for anyone available to come (well not anyone :)). Will keep you posted!


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