Weekend wrap up

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Since I’ve started working three out of every six weekends, I’ve started to appreciate more the weekends I don’t work.

This last weekend I had to work Friday night, but not Saturday or Sunday.  Before work on Friday we had the pleasure of having a little playdate. It was my friend Laenie’s daughter’s birthday and we met at the park with some other friends for a little play time and wonderful snack time. (Laenie’s an amazing cook!) I forgot my camera but thankfully someone thought to invent the camera phone.

Playing in the sand.

Riding the horsies! After riding for a little bit they would say, “Switch!” and then switch horses.

And (according to me) the best part, the food! Fruit, sandwiches and the most amazing cake I’ve ever had!

Saturday morning the kids and I were up early but let Daddy sleep in a little.  After everyone was up and attem, we made Daddy decide what we were going to do. He picked the zoo and it turned out they were having a free lunch! Ya for free food!

It was busy but surprisingly not crazy busy.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, I forgot my camera again! Unfortunately because I hate missing out on opportunities to capture some memories. Fortunately because it’s nice to not worry about taking pictures and even without pictures the memories will forever be in my heart.

After enjoying our free lunch of hot dogs, chips, watermelon and cookie we set off to look at the animals. I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t believe how not bored the kids get with the zoo. They could probably go every day and still love it just the same.  It was a pretty warm day and by about 1:30 the kids were getting close to meltdown.  We headed home and everyone enjoyed naps for a few hours.

Saturday night we did something I’ve wanted to do all summer. Movie night in the park! Our town features a family movie every Saturday night in a park downtown. This weekend it was Tangled and even though the kids have seen it a dozen times, they love it and Pat and I love it too. (Well I love it.) So we grabbed our blankets, chairs and jackets, although we didn’t need the jackets, and piled into the Jeep to head to movie night!

There wasn’t a huge crowd when we got there but by the time the movie started it was a full house. And it was SO fun. A beautiful night. Cheap popcorn and snacks. Laying on the grass with the three loves of my life. Surprisingly very few bugs so we made it through the entire movie. Priceless!

(Again, forgot my camera.)

Me and my Angel cakes!

Daddy and Caleb enjoying the show!

Sunday is kind of a blur.  You know how our morning went if you read this post.  Sunday night was the first night of Vacation Bible School. I signed both kids up but I wasn’t sure how Caleb would do since he’s only 2 1/2. He did great. I stayed to help and that of course helped him decide to stay but after the opening singing time he pretty much ignored me!  They both enjoyed it so much and I love to see Angel in a classroom setting. She just thrives and it makes me more excited for school for both of them.

After VBS we stopped for a treat and then home to bed after a long, busy weekend full of memories!


2 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

    Laenie said:
    August 11, 2011 at 8:41 am

    🙂 I’m so glad you and the kiddos had fun! You are welcome over for snacktime any time – we don’t have cake every day, but I try to make something fun with the girls.. I would have made icecream today.. but Naarah made us cereal for breakfast – and she couldn’t reach the milk, so she used the cream.. heh! 🙂

      Missy responded:
      August 11, 2011 at 2:27 pm

      Oh how funny! I bet that was some tasty cereal! 🙂 Angel was hoping to come visit this week but with VBS every night they’ve been pretty wiped. And then I decided to freeze corn today so mama is wiped. Next week we’ll have to make something work!

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