Dear Angel and Caleb

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Stop growing already, ok?

But don’t stop growing. Grow big and strong. Take on the world. Make a difference. Love Jesus.

Easter 2009:

Easter 2010:

Easter 2011:

Christmas 2008:

Christmas 2009:

Christmas 2010:

This parenting thing is confusing and my heart is conflicted.  I want them to stay little. But then again I don’t. Time flies. When you’re having fun and when you’re not having fun. When you’re laughing and when you’re crying. In the blink of an eye life changes. We are but guardians of them for the short time they are entrusted to us.  For some reason the Lord saw fit to entrust them to us. It wasn’t a mistake or an accident.  Help them grow big and strong. Help them take on the world. Help them make a difference. Help them love Jesus.

Treasure each moment.


One thought on “Dear Angel and Caleb

    my life is Christ's said:
    August 11, 2011 at 8:15 am

    AMEN, Missy! And you and Pat are doing such a fantastic job raising those two precious ones to love Jesus! And that is by far the most important thing you can do for those children! Because we all know how the morals of this world are slipping so fast, and I just wonder what it will be like when Angel and Caleb are teenagers? Yes, grow them up strong and confident in the love of Jesus! Love you Missy!

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