The music is back. And so is the runner.

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I am so happy to report that I had a good week of training. It was tough. And long. And my whole body hurts. But it was good. I feel like the runner in me is back after a tough couple of weeks.

Monday, August 8th: rest
Tuesday, August 9th: 4.5 miles, with a little speed work thrown in for fun
Wednesday, August 10th: 3.6 miles, easy run/walk with Hubby
Thursday, August 11th: 4.5 miles
Friday, August 12th: rest
Saturday, August 13th: 8 miles baby!
Sunday, August 14th: rest

Where do I start?

First of all this week was VBS at church for the kids. We enrolled both Caleb and Angel and even though Caleb’s not quite 3 he did a great job and loved it.  A huge shout out and thank you goes to all the volunteers that helped. I ended up filling in on Sunday night but otherwise I didn’t help any of the other nights.  The mama guilt really kicked in but at the same time I know I’ll help in years to come.

So having the kids at VBS really helped with training. Plus the only night I had to work was Monday night.  Tuesday night I ran at the local track. I decided I needed to start adding in speed, strength and more stretching since I’ve done very little of that since running again.  But I also don’t want to overdo it. On Tuesday night I had to run 4.5 miles and so for 2.5 miles of that I ran 300 yards and then (almost) sprinted 100 yards.  Round and round for 10 laps.

Wednesday night Patrick came along and we did a real easy run and walked some too. I’ve been reading alot and I know I need to do a better job of actually running easy on my easy runs. Since I run pretty slow it’s really hard to make myself run even slower. But I know that’s good for my training too.

Thursday night I decided I needed my music back because I was not feeling very motivated. Unfortunately my Ipod was dead so I had to do without but it ended up being a great run. I ran a 10.5/11 minute pace and felt pretty good.

Friday was supposed to be a cross-training day but on Thursday we froze 14 dozen sweet corn and I did some major cleaning. So in addition to running Thursday night I was so exhausted. And then I’ve been addicted to inspired by Pinterest and on Friday I rearranged and organized like a mad woman. So that was my cross-training.  Or so I tell myself.

The big day was Saturday. As you know I didn’t finish my long run last week. So the longest I’ve run is 6.5 miles. I had to do 8 on Saturday to stay on my training plan. In addition to my legs, back and neck killing me, I was just really nervous about whether or not I could hold out for 8.  This week I really tried to eat good fuel foods, stretch better, I’ve been taking 2 Tylenol before running and my mom gave me an awesome massage on Friday night. I believe the combination of all those things helped me because my 8 mile run was AWESOME!

It was actually 8.1 by the way. That .1 counts because the last 1/2 mile was tough. But overall I felt great. My knee and groin didn’t start aching until mile 7. My feet felt good. In fact most of the run I was thinking I must be running really slow because I felt so good. But I was actually running an 11.5/11.75 minute pace.  I also didn’t trust the earth that is google for the mileage so I made Pat drive the route just to make sure it was actually 8 miles.

Oh ya, the music is back. At least partially. I brought my Ipod on my long run Saturday and listened to it for all but about 2 miles. Not sure why, but was just needing that encouragement. For a bit my mind started going a little crazy and so I turned it off and just enjoyed the sound of the birds and bugs as I ran along the big field that’s on the edge of town.  I’m not sure if I’ll bring it along every run but probably for sure on my long runs just in case I need a little inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, this is one of the songs that inspires me.

Right Now

Right now, He’s telling the truth, that you will make it through. His love can rescue you. Right  now.

This is your life. The giving and the taking. A journey in the making. This is your life. The fighting and the kneeling. The hurting and the healing. Don’t throw it all away.


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