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(With a corny title.)

Last week I was feeling all ambitious and such and decided to freeze sweet corn.

I called in the troops (Grandma Barb, Tony, Krissy and Stephie) to come help.

I picked up 9 dozen corn for $1 a dozen at a local produce stand.

On the day of the big freeze I sent Tony and Krissy to get another 8 dozen.

We husked…

We boiled, blanched and cut. The kids helped put the corn into the bags.

One spoonful for the bag.

One spoonful for my mouth.

After about 6 minutes the kids got tired and so the adults took over bagging.  And thank goodness. The kids’ tummies for the next 2 days were not happy after all the corn! (Gross.)

Speaking of gross Gma Barb shared with us while we were working that they (as in people before TP was invented, not her she assured us) used to use corn cobs for toilet paper. (Major gross.)

(Notice the pictures in the background? I’ll have to tell you about that in another post.)

After husking, boiling, blanching, cutting and bagging we cleaned up! The kids were such a great help and I think had alot of fun.

Mmmmm. Yummy treats for Buck and Gracie.

(Although after the toilet paper statement will you ever look at corn cobs the same again?)

(Will you ever visit my blog again?)

Ok moving on.

Three hours later we had 28 bags of corn.  Originally when I did the math I figured $1.40 a bag and I was a little disappointed because I thought we’d be saving money. But math has never been my friend. It’s actually $.60 a bag which is pretty good.

It was such a great experience (although I think we were all exhausted by the time we were done) that I might even do it again before the season is over.  Maybe.

Our garden is producing tomatoes and peppers like crazy. This is just what we picked today. Plus I have another 6-8 tomatoes and tons of peppers already picked.  So I better figure out how to eat or can all these goodies before I worry about more corn!

Have you done any gardening this summer? Freezing? Canning?


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