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~I canned salsa today. Well, I attempted to can salsa. I’m worried that they didn’t seal right because I didn’t hear the little pop after they came out of the water. But they also weren’t completely cooled when I had to leave for work so we’ll see. I guess if they didn’t seal we’ll be eating a lot of salsa in the next 4 weeks.

~My fingers, they are on fire.

~My son, he will not nap. Until 5:00 pm, that is.  And then he won’t wake up for supper and then he’s up until 10:00 pm not wanting to go to sleep. I told him today that enough is enough and he is going to start napping at 1:00. Because from about 2:00 until 5:00 he is major drama queen and upset about every little thing because he’s so tired. I know, the problem is me, not him and I’m just a pushover. But no more! (Ya sure.)

~Angel said to me today, “Would you like to try my new lemonade? It tastes just like water.”  HA!

~Today Caleb got one of Daddy’s ties out of the closet and came and asked me to tie it around his waist so he could “HI YA!” We gotta get that boy into a karate class or something. I did find a place that has a program for 3 year olds so hopefully we can get him into that. And hopefully that will help him with some discipline that obviously his mama isn’t able to help with.

~I’m not sure how long we lasted without cable but it wasn’t that long. So today we got basic cable hooked up again (HELLO Food Network!) and we also are getting all primitive and got a land line because it was cheaper to do a bundle.  We still have streaming Netflix but I think we are going to get rid of that at the end of the month before our next billing cycle.

~Do you need a good laugh? Read this post from when Patrick had a little procedure done a while back. A few weeks ago a friend reminded me of how funny that post was and I had to go back and read it again. And I laughed so hard I think I snorted.

~The other day at Menards I found a bunch of Halloween costumes on clearance. Not sure why they were already on clearance, but hey, I wasn’t complaining. Caleb finally has some dress up outfits that aren’t pastel or have bows…

~Do you see my blue shoe in the above picture? Those are my new $4 blue wedges from Target. Love. Kill my feet. But love just the same.

~And this is Angel in an Alice in Wonderland outfit. Along with her hero Fireman Caleb. She would blow her whistle which would mean that there was a fire and then Caleb would have to come save her. Hate the whistle. Love that Caleb is saving his big sister.

~And this was from our movie in the park last weekend. Love, love, love.


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