Friday funnies

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~Today I had to work a day shift and when I came out of the bedroom Caleb said to me, “Mama, why you dressed?” Guess we spend a little too much time in our pj’s!

~Angel is all about the threats lately. For example:

Angel: Mama, I want a fruit snack.

Me: Not right now Angel, we’re going to eat supper soon.

Angel: Fine! I’m never going to eat anything EVER AGAIN!

~Caleb enunciates his words so funny:

Mama, whatchya DOOOing?

Mama, where we GOOOing?

~Both he and Angel seem to be so exasperated with me lately:

I’ll ask them to do something and they’ll say, “UGH! OTAAHH (for Caleb) or OK (for Angel) Mama!”  The OTAY or OK is said with a long sigh like I’m asking them to do the worst possible thing ever.

~For some reason they’ve been playing dentist alot lately. They have a Thomas the Train flash light and they’ll come over, make me lie down on the couch and say, “Say AAHHH Mama.” They’ll check out my teeth and then say, “Looks good!” And then they’ll look in my eyes and my ears and proclaim that those look good too.   Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

~Angel’s favorite phrase lately? “Mama, I have a GREAT idea!”  As in:

“Mama, I have a GREAT idea! When I’m four I’ll be able to run really fast!”

“Mama, I have a GREAT idea! When Daddy gets home I’m going to show him my owie.”

“Mama, I have a GREAT idea! I found TWO frogs and we put them in the GARDEN!”

~Angel and I (and now Caleb is starting to also) will say to each other, “I love you more than…” This was our conversation the other day as we were walking through Target:

Me: I love you more than chocolate!

Angel: I love you more than Mac N Cheese (guess what aisle we were in)!

Me: I love you more than peanut butter!

Angel: I love you more than ice cream!

Me: I love you more than Target!

Angel: I love you more than Target and Walmart and Dollar Tree!

Wow. Now that’s some love!  (Guess where we were before Target?)

~They like to tell us secrets. And usually it’s the same one. They’ll come over, tell us to bend down and whisper in our ear, “I love you.” (Or “I wuv you,” if it’s Caleb.)  Sweet secrets that we’ll never grow tired of hearing!


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