When Princess comes to town

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(Yes, my camera batteries are still dead and yes I’m still too lazy to charge them. Phone pictures will have to suffice!)

We had a great surprise on Monday night as Princess came to town to visit for the entire week while her husband is off gallivanting with his buddies.  She’s staying with her mama but came over last night for supper and to hang out.

Of course I ruined supper so we went out.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

While we waited for Daddy to get home Princess played with and read to the kids.

We went to a great restaurant called Whisk and Chop. Yum.  No pictures. But we did laugh. Especially when we were having a conversation about what Angel’s going to be when she grows up.  Of course you’all know what she said, an artist.

Princess: Are you going to come up the Cities to go to art school and work?

Patrick: Well she has to finish art school and then medical school and then who knows what else.


After a scrumptous dinner we headed home to go on a walk to Dairy Queen.  On the way home Angel sang us a song.  She waved a doll head at us (that we had just found in the van) and sang something about a miniature mailman.

I have no idea.

We got home. Changed clothes. Grabbed the stroller and headed out for our mile walk to Dairy Queen. 

It was a great walk. On the way there Pat corralled the kids while Princess and I had a nice visit. And on the way back we switched. Good teamwork to get some 1-1 time with our girl!

Angel and Caleb enjoyed their ice cream cones! We’re kinda mean parents and usually make them get ice cream in a cup. Living on the edge last night.

We got home around 9:00 pm and the kids were really tired and ready for bed.  Although bedtime was completely thrown out the window when Princess’s mom came to pick her up and came in the house and proceeded to chase and wrestle the kids.  Princess and her mom left and unfortunately (just kidding!) left the two little hyped up monsters with us to try to convince them that yes, it was bedtime.

Tomorrow we get to spend some more time with Princess and we can’t wait!


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