My first Insta Friday

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I’ve been following along with other Insta Friday posts for quite some time, but have never actually participated. Well today is the day! I don’t have an iPhone so can’t do the “instagram” thing but here we go anyway!

My tough guy who found daddy’s sunglasses and claimed them as his.

My favorite healthy cookies. Is it an oximoron to say “healthy” and “cookies” in the same sentence?

Thanks to a co-worker’s inspiration I have acquired a love for this…

I realize it doesn’t look very pretty but man does it taste good. Cabbage, red onion, crunchies (toasted ramen noodles and almonds), EVOO and balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper. Yum. Love.

My long run on Saturday. 9 miles. 1200 calories.

I have to remind myself it’s not all about the calories. It’s about finishing the half-marathon without dying. But it’s those 1200 calories that help get me through the aches and pains. And that allow me to have lots of bread and ice cream.

Family walk.

Throughout the summer we’ve tried to go on a walk every night with the kids. We of course have failed miserably, but we’ve tried. As we headed out for a quick lap around the neighborhood earlier this week I couldn’t help but think that in the blink of an eye, this treasure of time will be gone. Snow will be flying. Kids will grow up. Life goes on.  (Big sigh.)

New shoes.

I have three two weeks to break them in before the half marathon. Angel told me they’ll make me run fast. I told her it’s not about the fast, it’s about the finish.

A chair that demonstrates how strong stupid I am.  (How cute is my little Bubs sitting in that big chair clapping with Diego?)

The other day I moved this chair by myself from our basement to our main level. 11 steps. I think I stroked out at one point.   I realize it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.  But I’m sorry, my new floor plan (yes I rearranged again) badly needed another piece of furniture. It’s all for the sake of design.

I’ve been listening to this music all week.

Shaun Groves, Third World Symphony album which is due out August 30th. Seriously. Amazing. God is going to move in a mighty way through this music.

This girl.

We celebrate her forever family day tomorrow. So very thankful for the blessing of being able to be called her mom.

A treasure I found in my phone from 2 years ago.

Otherwise known as a day of old when I used to be able to go to the store and actually control my children.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!  And go to Life Rearranged to check out more Insta Fridays!

One thought on “My first Insta Friday

    Ruth-Mary Smith said:
    August 27, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Hi Missy
    Just saw your first instafriday and you have inspired me to start. I loved reading your about you section. Our stories have some similarities! I have a blog patchworkfamilieshub if you want to read my ‘about me’, although I have really just started. Look for my inst friday hopefully next week!!! Blessings Ruth-Mary

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