Down but not out

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As far as training goes, it’s been a discouraging last couple of days.

Monday, August 22nd: biked 30 minutes
Tuesday, August 23rd: 5 miles
Wednesday, August 24th: rest
Thursday, August 25th: 4.5 miles
Friday, August 26th: walked
Saturday, August 27th: 8.5 miles
Sunday, August 28th: rest

As I mentioned, my long run last week was a little tough because after mile 7 my knee started hurting.

On Monday I got new running shoes and my runs on Tuesday and Thursday were great. I could really tell the difference with the new shoes.

My long run on Saturday was not good. Well, it was good, up until mile 7. Then my knee started hurting again. I tried to run through it but had to stop and walk quite a bit for the last mile and 1/2.  So discouraging. I was also frustrated because I thought my route was 9 miles and it turned out to only be 8.5.  My mother scolded me that I’m a control freak and I guess that’s maybe probably true but it’s still frustrating the same.

I’ve been doing some looking on the world wide web and I’m not sure if I have “runner’s knee” or “iliotibial band syndrome”. I’m leaning toward ibs because my pain is more on the side of my knee. But I have alot of symptoms of runner’s knee too.  So as much as it kills me and stresses me out, I decided to not do anything except walking until Thursday this week. I’ve been icing like crazy and doing strength exercises and stretching – which I should have been doing all along.

I think the most frustrating part is that I’m so close to the race.  I’ll for sure still run, but I just might have to walk more than I was hoping too. And I realize that’s ok.

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have a better report!


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