The final countdown

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Can you believe it? Six days until the half marathon!

(I want my mommy.)

Last week’s training was pretty non-existence.  Well except for the 10 miler on Saturday! Woo hoo!

Monday, August 29th: nothing, lots of stretching and ice
Tuesday, August 30th: nothing, lots of stretching and ice
Wednesday, August 31st: nothing, lots of stretching and ice
Thursday, September 1st: 3 miles, painful, 100 ton legs
Friday, September 2nd: nothing except an entire day of walking at the State Fair
Saturday, September 3rd: 10 miles
Sunday, September 4th: rest, lots of stretching

As you can see the first part of the week I did nothing except stretch and ice. And alot of stretching and icing I did. I think I was sore from all the stretching.  But hopefully it helped, although on my long run Saturday by mile five I was a hurting unit.  At mile 5.5 I stopped and walked for about 5 minutes while I sucked down my energy gel.  I started running again and even though my knee hurt, it didn’t really hurt bad so I kept going. Eventually it eased up a bit. Not completely gone but almost. So I’m not sure what the deal is, if my knee/leg is just really weak and the pounding makes it sore or if it’s something else.

I talked to my coach trainer brother and he’s not in favor of me wearing a brace since it’s so late in my training. He thinks it might mess up something else since I’m not used to wearing it.  I think his exact words were, “You just have to suck it up and run.”  (Can you feel the love?)  He said I have to stretch like crazy and then stretch some more.  And then ice like crazy and ice some more.  

So this week will be alot of resting, stretching, icing, eating good energy foods and a few short runs.  This afternoon I did 4.5 miles, tomorrow I’ll do 3 miles, walk or bike easy on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday and then rest Friday and Saturday.

Stay tuned the rest of the week as I’ll be posting lots of great stuff related to the race including a very special guest blogger!  And I’ll keep you posted on how my bum knee is doing and all that good stuff.

6 days! Woo hoo!


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