Some things we just don’t talk about

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Four days and counting.

I’m not nervous yet. A little excited. More relieved to almost be done.

I ran three miles last night and I decided to take our dog Ed, a 100 pound black lab/husky. Or as Angel calls him, “Big Fat Dog Ed.” Poor guy. Anyway, by mile one I was dragging him.  Ed needs to get in shape and Daddy needs to trim his nails. Poor guy.

I’m afraid I’m going to pee my pants. As in during the race. TOO MUCH INFORMATION.  Which is why we aren’t going to talk about it.

I think my new running shoes are too big. Not gonna talk about it.

I’m so excited to make supper tonight. We have a surplus of tomatoes but not enough to can. We made a big batch of salsa this weekend and last night for supper I sliced four tomatoes in half, sprinkled with salt, pepper and garlic and then mozzarella cheese (sorry Princess, no basil) and baked/broiled for 15 minutes.  I still have alot I have to use and thanks to Pinterest I found a yummy looking tomato sauce recipe. Cannot wait to have something a little different with all the pasta we’ve been having!

(My linking isn’t working on my blog for some reason. Here’s the recipe:

I worked Monday night and now I don’t work another night shift until after the race. I’m excited to hopefully get some good rest. If only the children would sleep.

My knee is feeling good. It didn’t even ache last night. I think Big Fat Dog Ed pulled my back out though when I was dragging him two miles. That’s not feeling the best.  I’ll have to convince the hubby to do some massage therapy!

Have I mentioned that you should watch the documentary Spirit of the Marathon? Bawled. Like. A. Baby. It was so inspiring even for a slow half marathoner like me.

Tomorrow is the day for my guest blogger so stay tuned!


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