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It’s Insta Friday which means I get to show you pictures from the week that I took with my phone!

It’s cold here. Stinking cold.  Our Angel girl has grown like a weed since it was last cold and so none of her jackets fit her. Unfortunately I didn’t think to look until we were running late for school on Tuesday morning.  I went thrifting this week and found these two cutie jackets for the kiddos. (Yahoo for cheap!)

Ballet shoes. They are expensive.  Which is why Angel was wearing cheap Wally World shoes on her first day of class. But praise the Lord we found an Angel size pair at that same thrift store. For $5.50. (Yahoo for cheap!)

Tomatoes. We had alot of them. (And obviously alot of dishes and junk too!)

And then it was supposed to freeze the other night and so I decided to pick all of them and use Owlhaven’s trick of wrapping them in newspaper.  I don’t think we ended up having a real hard freeze so I probably didn’t need to pick as many as I did but that’s ok I guess. The kids thought it was AWESOME when I told them we were going to pick all the tomatoes!

Caleb had his first dentist appointment on Monday. Didn’t go so well.

He wouldn’t open his mouth. Not even a tiny bit. He sat there stone faced and glared at everyone. So eventually they gave up and we decided we’d try in another 6 months. I don’t know folks. Not even a toy airplane, a new toothbrush or the promise of a treat from mama could sway him so we’re going to need bring out the big guns!

Last weekend we were doing this:

Summer I love you. Don’t leave me yet.

Stop by Life Rearranged to read more Insta Friday posts!  And have a great weekend!


One thought on “Insta Friday

    Becca @ One Girl said:
    September 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks for the instaFriday comment! I can’t believe you have that many tomatoes. You must have a huge garden.

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