A day at the fair

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It was a few weeks ago now that we went to the State Fair with my parents. But I still wanted to share some pictures from our day.

The first thing we did when we got there was eat. Of course. Yummy fair food!

After that most important task completed we headed over to the horse barn. My dad was wanting to listen to a “horse whisperer” type of guy but first we stopped to watch calf roping.

Oh my word. My son, he is a cowboy. He was so excited.

Here’s a video of Caleb. This is what he would do almost every time the two horses and calf would come out of the gate. In case you can’t understand him at the end he says, “Oh! Missed him!”

After about 30 minutes my dad wanted to go listen to the horse whisperer. Caleb wasn’t too happy about this but finally agreed when we told him there would be more horses.  Unfortunately the horse whisperer was a little boring for a 2 and 3 year old and so we made our way to the petting barn.  There were so many cute animals and almost all of them were for sale. It’s a good thing we live in town otherwise we might have come home with our own little petting zoo.

We had a whole list of things to do but wanted to for sure see the reptile man show.  This is how the kids started out at the beginning of the show.  Caleb kinda on Grandma’s lap and Angel sitting next to Papa.

After a couple of snakes and lizards he brought out the big guns.

Which caused Angel to get comfy on Papa’s lap.

And Caleb to seek protection on Grandma’s lap.

Then he brought out the turtles. First the small one.

Caleb’s not so sure about him.

And then the big one. Yikes, this dude was scary looking.

Caleb says “I’m not gonna look.”

“Maybe just a little look.”


The reptile show was alot of fun. And despite the fear on Caleb’s face, both kids really enjoyed it.  Next it was on to a few rides. We didn’t do many because they are stinkin’ expensive and the kids would rather see the animals.

Papa did let Caleb play the baseball game. $5 for three throws and an automatic prize. The prize he picked was a plastic bat and ball (of course).

After that Angel, Caleb and I did a little obstacle course thing and then Angel and Grandma rode the Ferris Wheel.  We then went back to the animal barns and walked through the rabbits, geese and turkeys, goats and a few of the expo buildings.

We then found the rodeo! The cowboys and cowgirls were barrel racing and at the same timing shooting at balloons trying to pop them. Angel loved it. Caleb not so much. He didn’t like the loud noise.  Just the other day he told me how he loves to watch the horses rope the calves but didn’t like the loud horses!

Here’s Papa and Angel enjoying the rodeo!

It was finally time to go home. But not before Papa put the two little animals in an animal trailer. I love that Angel is saying “MOO!”

Next year we’re thinking about using Papa’s horse trailer/camper and staying at the State Fair for two or three days. There was so much we didn’t get to see and the kids love all the animals and all the fun there is.  It was a great investment of our time and money!

Except for the two gigantic funnel cakes we had on the way out.

Note to self: one funnel cake is enough!


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