Month: October 2011

Pumpkin love

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Yesterday I willed myself off the couch so we could carve the pumpkins that had been sitting on our porch for two weeks.

Before I show you pictures I need to show you the video from last year that my mom made. I don’t remember if I ever posted it but it’s so funny. I love seeing Caleb mouth words to us like he’s talking. I forgot that he used to do that.  And Angel’s hair was so short!

Thankfully this year, he overcame his pumpkin phobia. (Kinda.)

We had lots of fun listening to both kids ooo and aah over all the slimy stuff they were pulling out of the pumpkins.

Not my best pumpkin pose moment.

Here’s a couple of videos…

We only carved faces in two of the pumpkins and the rest of the went in the trash. I KNOW! After an hour of pumpkin cleaning though, this sick mama would have agreed with just about anything in order to go back to bed.

And the best part – besides seeing my kiddos laugh and have so much fun – pumpkin seeds!

Sick day confessions

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I had just wrote this entire post and then my internet went out so I lost it all. Let’s try that again.

It’s 10:30 pm 10:45 pm and I’m wide awake. Probably because I slept the entire day away.

I’m sick. Again. Same thing I had two weeks ago. Horrible nausea, stomach pain, bad headache, body aches. According to the wisdom of the world wide web I have West Nile Virus. Or not.

I’m watching Twilight.  I’m one of the few people in the world who have never seen any of the movies or read the books.

My amazing husband has been taking such good care of me.  Attempting to keep the kiddos somewhat subdued is quite a challenge.

I took three extra strength tylenol at 3:30 pm and conked out until 5:30 pm. When I woke up Pat was making supper and I managed to eat a little.  And then back to the couch to sleep.

I’ve always thought the guy who plays Edward Cullen is creepy.

I can’t believe I haven’t eaten any sort of good ol’ bread or pasta for over two weeks.  One thing I always said would be impossible would be to not eat white flour. Guess not.

I was feeling like having a snack and so just had a bowl of ice cream.  Bad idea.  I obviously still have the west nile.

Tonight we watched the Next Food Network Star. I love that show.

I really wanted to take family pictures this fall but we couldn’t really afford it. So yesterday we went over to my brother’s house and had him take a few pictures using our regular old camera. They actually turned out pretty good. Caleb wouldn’t cooperate ate first and so I didn’t get many of him.  And my eyes are all squinty.

I’m sorry, but how could you not freak out when you figure out the boy you have a crush on is a vampire?

I’m so tired. But not tired enough to sleep. Hate that feeling.  But I suppose I should try to sleep. Tomorrow, kiddos, and work will be here before I know it.

Our October baby

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Yesterday I saw the trailer for the new movie, October Baby, coming out in limited release this week. I wept as I watched it.

And then I wept some more as I thought of our October baby.   I thought about the miracle of our Angel girl.  How her birth mom, despite the huge challenges she faced, chose life for her baby.

I don’t really have any profound words to share.  But I’m just so thankful for our precious girl. I’m thankful for her birth mom and for those who cared for her during her difficult pregnancy.  I’m thankful for our adoption agency, our dear social worker who is also a close friend, and for Angel’s foster family who cared and loved her as their own for seven weeks.  I’m thankful to God for his protection over Angel in her birth mom’s womb and for choosing us to be her parents.

Monday was Angel’s 4th birthday.  We asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday lunch.

“PIZZA RANCH!” (of course).

After lunch we asked her what she wanted to do next.  She said, “My favorite thing in the whole world. Go to the park.”  And so to the park we went.

It happened to be the same park that Pat, Princess and I went to when we needed to take pictures for our adoption book.

Life sure has changed in four years!

So thankful.

On Tuesday we brought treats to Angel’s school for her birthday.

Angel with her friend Estee.

Even Caleb got to join in on the fun!

Since her birthday Angel has reminded us at least a dozen times that she’s four. Last night at supper Daddy called her “his baby girl.”

She said, “Daddy. I’m four now.”

Yes, four. But always our baby girl.

Party like a three year old turning four

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I think we’re still recovering from our marathon – birthday party weekend.  But it was alot of fun and memories made so it’s worth the exhaustion!

Angel’s party was on Sunday and we decided to have it at our church to minimize the work.  And honestly, I had no intention of cleaning my house after getting back from Pat’s half-marathon and so that was the least expensive solution.  My parents, sister and sister-in-law came early to help decorate and get set up and as usual they are such a huge blessing to us!

We had the party in the Youth Room and it has a pool table, foosball table, air hockey and carpet ball. Lots of fun interesting stuff to keep the kids entertained!  But just in case we also brought some of the kids’ toys – Angel’s Barbies and ponies, Caleb’s cars and trucks and their dress up clothes.

After letting the kids (and adults) play for a bit we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. It was at about this time that I thought Angel was going to meltdown. But she made it through and got a second wind just in time to eat.  After eating it was more play time and then picture time. I missed a few people because our camera decided to die!

Angel and Aunt Leana playing dress-up.

My cousin’s little girl Mia in the horse costume. So cute!

My other cousin’s kids, Janai and Noah playing air hockey.

Issac in red boots!

Caleb, Aunt Leana and Papa being silly!

Hanging out waiting for pizza!

Friends and neighbors Jeni, Jaci and Dani playing foosball.

After opening presents we sang Happy Birthday and Angel blew out her candles. There were a few friends who had to leave early so wanted to get this in before they had to leave.

The pinata! Every kid had a chance to hit the pinata a few times. Then one of the older boys, Daniel gave it a good couple of hits and broke it open just a bit. Angel (with a little help from mama) was able to finish it off. It was so much fun, especially when it broke open and all the kids DOVE for candy!

Soon after the pizza arrived and we prayed for our Angel girl.

(No, Pat wasn’t cutting in front of the kids. Just getting pizza for the birthday girl. :))

Our theme was Tangled and so we had the movie playing during the party.  This was a big hit especially while we ate pizza and cake.

The woman who God used… Kim is our dear friend and was our adoption social worker. It was her decision to send us the email about Angel even though she was so high risk.  We are forever grateful that she trusted in God’s leading.  Here she is with her fabulous kids, Daniel, Anna and Issac.

My amazing friend and one of Angel’s God-parent, Liz!  When you look at the kids’ favorite people list, she’s pretty high up there.

My cousins Jessi and Sarah with their kiddos. SO glad they were able to come. We live in the same town and are always saying how we need to get together.

Our precious Angel with our precious Janai.  LOVE that these girls love each other so much!

Hey, where’s mom and dad and big sister? Stinkers, they weasled their way out the picture! 🙂 Well, here’s Angel’s friends Ember and Ezra.  You will often hear Angel say, “Let’s go to Ember’s house!”

Our dear friends Pastor Kirk and Gloria.  Gloria was Angel’s babysitter for her first 2 years (and now one of her teachers!). They are such a blessing to us!

Our friends Naarah and Eloise (whose mommy also snuck out of the picture :)).

Neighbors and friends Michelle, Dani, Jeni and Jaci.  You will often find Caleb in the morning in his underwear sneak out to the back door and yell out for Jeni and Jaci to come play.  Poor girls aren’t sure what to do with him!

Angel with Grandma Barb and Daddy!

Our nieces Erica and Amanda.

My family! (Or part of it anyway.)  Back at our house after the party, Caleb conked out before we even left the church parking lot.  Which meant Angel got some one-on-one time with Mommy, Daddy and my family.  And she got her second third wind running up and down the sidewalk with her new pinwheel.

I’m so thankful Caleb fell asleep because the time we had with Angel after her party was precious. We looked at all her great presents (so blessed!) and played with her new Tangled toys. And of course had to show all her toys to Peanut, who is taking a second run at being in our family.

It was a great, awesome, BLESSED day!  But wait, there’s more! We still had her actual birthday, Monday, to do some celebrating!