A Saturday night checklist

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1. Working the weekend day shift which means I feel very disconnected from my family. Check.

2. Angel’s mouth feeling better but still not eating anything “crunchy”. Check.

3. Angel waking up at 3:00 am with stomach pain. Check.

4. Mommy realizing Angel hasn’t had a bm in at least four days. Check.

5. Mommy going to Wally World at 4:00 am to buy stuff to help get things moving.  Check.

6. Angel throwing up at 7:00 am. Didn’t quite make it to the toilet. Check.

7. Daddy starting to get sick. Check.

8. Mommy calling home the entire day and getting encouragement and advice from her nurse co-workers. Check.

9. Angel throwing up throughout the day and temperature rising. Check.

10. Caleb still sleeping from his nap when I get home at 4:30. Check.

11. Camped out on the couch all night cuddling with Angel and Caleb. Check.

12. Rubbing Angel’s back and legs and reminding her to take drinks and asking if her tummy still hurts and taking her temp. Check.

13. Ordering Chinese food for supper. Check.

14. Already blowing October’s dining out budget. Check.

15. Daddy getting sicker as the night goes on. Check.

16. Sending Daddy to bed at 8:00 pm. Check.

17. Attempting to find subs for Daddy as he’s suppose to run the screen at church in the morning. Check.

18. Two awesome guys step up to the plate and agree to cover for Daddy. Check.

19. Play jacks with Caleb. Check.

20. Wish I knew how to play jacks. Caleb doesn’t care either way. Check.

21. More cuddling on the couch watching movies all night. Check.

22. Texting with Princess. Check.

23. Texting with my mom. Check.

24. Wondering where I’m going to end up sleeping tonight. Check.

25. Eating one too many cupcakes. Check.

26.  Worrying that Daddy seems to get sick all the time. Check.

27. Praying for health for my family. Check.

28. Thankful for my family, friends, medicine, and for God’s mercies that are new every morning. Check.


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