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I have an update post almost done for the kids but until I get that all finished I wanted to shared some of the things Caleb is saying lately.  At least a couple times a day Pat and I look at each other and smile at the way or the things he says.  I have to say that even though it’s exhausting and very trying at times, I love this age with everything new they are learning.

~What’s that? What’s that do?

Whether it’s a truck, building, person, animal or any type of object he’s so curious to know what things are and what things do. It certainly is a challenge sometimes explaining what some things do.  We were walking out of church yesterday and a kid from the youth group was walking to the car with his dad. Caleb kinda recognized him and said, “Who’s that? What’s he do?”   Pat’s answer was, “Sleep. Eat. Go to school.” And then if he doesn’t like our answer (which he didn’t) he’ll of course ask, “Why?”

He especially asks this about trucks and vehicles. He loves big trucks and construction vehicles so much. “Digger” is his favorite.

~Oh. Wow. Pretty.

Lately everything has been pretty. He’ll say it to Angel after she gets dressed. She’ll come out and twirl and say, “look at me Caleb,” and he’ll say, “Oh. Wow. Pretty.” So sweet.  But he also says it about pretty much anything.

~Now? Later?

He’s all about the now. I have this habit (not sure if it’s good or not) of keeping the kids informed of what our plans are. For example I’ll say, “Tomorrow we get to go to the library!” and he’ll say, “Now?” and I’ll say, “No, tomorrow.” And then he’ll say, “Oh. Later?”  The “later” was just added a few weeks ago, before that he would just get mad. So it’s fun to seem him starting to grasp the concept of time.

~Mama peaz you stay a wittle bit. Mama peaz you pay (play) a wittle bit. Mama peaz you wead a wittle bit.

Melt my heart. He says the version of “Mama peaz… a wittle bit,” all the time. It’s so stinkin cute.


Not liking this one so much. Everything is “poopy.” It’s especially fun because he’ll say it most often when a stranger comes up and asks him his name or how old he is.  Unfortunately I just laugh because between you and me I cry enough as it is.

~He my friend

Lately every boy he sees is his friend. “Mama, he my friend.”  Even if he’s never met the kid.


Diego is still “ego.” We’ve practiced and said it the right way over and over but it’s still “Peaz we watch ego?”  Oh well.

~Dear Jesus thank you for Jesus amen

That’s Caleb’s prayer before mealtime. Except he says it really really fast so you can hardly understand him. 

~Oh, I sowwy

He of course doesn’t say sorry when he hits his sister or does something naughty (until we make him), but he’ll say sorry at other times.  A few examples… if he leaves the light on in the bathroom, spills a little of his drink, accidentally steps on us or bumps in to us, or does anything by accident he’ll always say with a little giggle, “Oh, I sowwy.”


This one isn’t quite as annoying as the “poopy”.  I’m not sure where it came from but if we are trying to talk to him about something in the middle of a sentence he’ll say, “Poke” and poke us in the face. It’s hard sometimes not to laugh at him. He also says this to complete strangers.

~Be careful

He said this one day a few weeks ago when Daddy was going out on a bike ride. We both did a double take because it was so genuinely sweet. He’s said it since then anytime we go out for a run or bike ride or if Daddy is climbing a ladder or doing something that looks a little dangerous. Last time we were at my parents he said it to my mom as she was climbing on a step stool.

~A wittle tiny drink

Had to throw this one in even though he just said it last night.  We’ve been trying to really buckle down on letting them have a drink after 8 pm (washing the sheets four times a week is overrated) and last night as I was laying with him he said in his sweet little voice, “Mama peaz I have wittle tiny drink,” and even used his fingers to show me tiny.  As much as I wanted to I didn’t give in. So sweet.

~A conversation between him and Angel the other day:

Angel had just called Daddy awesome and then she told Caleb he was awesome too.

Caleb: No, me funny.

Angel: I want to be funny. Caleb you’re awesome.

Caleb: No, me not awesome, me funny. You be awesome.

Seriously? I think they’re both funny and awesome!


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