A new schedule

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In an attempt to not be held hostage by the couch and hours of cartoons I decided that I need to put together a schedule for me and the kids.  Otherwise, well, we end up hanging out on the couch and watching hours of cartoons.  I realize I’m a little OCD when it comes to schedules and planning but I decided it’s time for me to just embrace it and move on.  With my schedule (and Zoloft) in hand.

Moving on.  For now.

Every day our morning schedule will be the same:

Eat breakfast and watch cartoons by 7:30 am.
7:30 am Bible lesson – very short Bible lesson, sing songs, practice our memory verse and pray.
8:00 am (or more like 7:40 am) Get dressed, get ready, clean up.
Angel has school at 9:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Caleb on Fridays.
After lunch every day is RRR for 30-60 minutes – Rest, Relax and Read. Sometimes that means naps, it depends on the day. Since they’ve been in their own rooms this RRR time has gone much better.

The rest of the time our schedule looks like this:

Monday is school day. I realize that the kids have school already (which Angel matter of factly reminded me of) but I want to have one day a week for me to work with them at home.

Tuesday is outdoor adventure day. Angel has school in the morning so after lunch we’ll head to a park or someplace for an outdoor adventure. Rain or shine. (Hold me to that ok?)  I also just learned that our local Christian bookstore has story time at 10:30 am on Tuesdays so Caleb and I are going to start going to that while Angel is at school.

Wednesday is cooking fun day. Emphasis on fun, right?  You won’t find any anal OCD moms in the kitchen on Wednesdays. That’s the plan anyway.  Also on Wednesdays is movie day at the library at 3:00. Depending on the movie we’ll head over to the library for that and 14 more books on spiders.

Thursday is caring for others day. Not exactly sure what we’re going to do but we are going to get creative and bold and attempt to teach our kiddos to care for others.  Some thoughts I’ve had so far are: cook a meal, run errands, clean, do yard work, pray with.

Friday is craft day. I can only manage one craft a week and even that might send me over the edge.  Thankfully I count play dough as a craft and that doesn’t raise my blood pressure as much as glue, paint, scissors and glitter.  Also on Fridays is Fitness and Fun through our local parks department. That’s at 1:30 so we’re going to give that a try.

We also have library story time carved into our schedule but that varies each week so it’ll depend on what else we have going on. Our zoo also does a thing for toddlers that we might try but that actually cost money so we’ll see.   We started our new schedule Thursday last week and so far it’s been going well.  I think we’re actually on day 5 and I’ve managed to get my rear out of bed by 7:00 am each day to be ready for Bible lesson at 7:30 am.

I’d love to hear about your schedule if you have little ones at home. Are you a planner like me? Or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants?  Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?  I think it’s really helped me to just have to focus on one thing each day.  But at the same time I know I can be flexible (GASP!) if I need to be.


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