I’ll let others do the talking

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Some of my favorite things lately:

~This post from Amanda Jones (Beth Moore’s daughter).  Seriously one of the most amazing things I’ve read in a long time.

~A great post on a strong-willed child.  I don’t have any experience with that, do you?

~I LOVE love love this house. It’s so different from my home decor (or lack thereof) and maybe that’s what I like about it. It just feels so cozy.

~Our friends Craig and Rebecca’s adoption blog. It’s so exciting to follow them on their adoption journey. And if I’m honest it causes me to pray a little harder that God would open up that door for us again.

~Amy’s post on why her and her husband went gluten-free.  Encouraging and inspiring. And perhaps convincing enough for me to start cutting out the gluten.

~BooMama wrote a post about the things we say to our kids. The comments are so funny. Especially this one, which was the winner:

I’m sure we’re the only ones with this problem. Certainly everyone else’s children have this completely together. But — my kids are a little pokey around bedtime. One day a few months ago, the Husband had HAD IT. So he instructed them in the bedtime routine in a more military fashion. I say that as people who have zero military experience, by the way. In any case, it went like this:

Daddy: You have 30 seconds to get pajamas on. GO! GO! GO!
8 yr old Daughter, sprinting off to her room: What if we don’t make it on time??
8 yr old Daughter, shocked (shocked!): OH MY GOSH!!

We laughed for weeks.

LOL! I kinda feel like a drill sergeant some days so I could relate. And I couldn’t stop laughing.

~Good mom, good kids? written by Owlhaven. Such a great encouragement, especially: “I cannot mess up God’s plan for my children’s lives.”  In my heart of hearts I knew that, but still, WHEW!

~And some Pinterest love lately:

Source. Fitted sheet as a box spring cover.  Seriously? In my opinion, genius!

Source. I never feel like this. Do you?


For my man. So true.

We might attempt to make these gummy fruit snacks this week. 

Source.  Or maybe we’ll just eat the fruit snacks that are in our cupboard.

Have a great week!


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