I hope you’re sinking

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What court could they possibly charge you in?

Strong words. True words. Truths I know but Satan has a hay day convincing me otherwise.

Mega, off the charts love.

Every. single. day. I remember the past.  And every single day I remember how He loves us. How He loves me.  And yet I cannot even begin to comprehend the magnitude of His great love.

If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking.

I hope you’re sinking. I have your sinking in the grace of God today.  Cry out to Him! It doesn’t remove the daily battle. But it makes the daily battle possible, bearable.  Every day we fail miserably and we act surprised. Like there are people out in the world who aren’t failing, aren’t sinning, aren’t making mega mistakes.  We listen to the lie and believe that our failures are greater.

They are not. The only thing greater than our failures is the love of Jesus. And that’s the point.

A love that can take modern-day Davids and Peters and use those failures for the glory of His name.  Use those failures to bring hope to others.

Oh God use me. Use my failures and bring beauty from ashes. Use me to bring hope and encouragement. I often feel paralyzed by the past and daily strive for unachievable perfection.  Each day Lord is a new beginning and a new opportunity to embrace your love and grace. Thank you Jesus. 

What’s your prayer today? Be encouraged by this video (via Holy Experience).


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