Don’t take one day for granted

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We often say “time goes by so fast,” and yet I think we are all guilty of not treasuring the gifts God has given us.  We take our time, life and loved ones for granted.

I follow quite a few blogs/caringbridges but there are two lately that have had me on my knees.

Sara is a 33 year old mom of two young boys. She has stage IV colon cancer. Her journal is inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Her latest scans were not good and now she is trying a different treatment that has brought about extremely difficult side effects.

Wren is a young mom of three, including their new baby girl who just came home from the hospital. Wren was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant and fought to keep the baby inside her growing as long as possible. Now her cancer has advanced. Again, such inspiration and heartbreak.

Please pray for these two families.  And hug your family a little tighter and longer tonight. Don’t take one day for granted.


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