Pat’s race

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My amazing husband ran his first half-marathon yesterday (Saturday).  Here’s a recap of our trip!

We left about 10 am on Friday and it was a 2 – 2.5 hour trip when you figure in the one or two stops we made.  We first went to the hotel to get settled and rest up a bit. Caleb and Daddy actually did get a nap in while Angel and I watched cartoons.  Princess and Prankster were coming into town about 5:30 pm and so about 4:00 pm we headed over to the race expo where Pat would pick up his race packet and we’d get lots of free stuff!

After the expo we headed out for dinner and Princess and Prankster met us there.

Then it was back to the hotel. Angel got to open an early birthday present…

Daddy went to bed while the rest of us went swimming. After swimming we hung out in P & P’s room for a bit for toenail painting and snacks.

It was probably 10 or 10:30 pm before the kids finally fell asleep. 6:00 am would come way too soon!

We were up and at’em early enough to get breakfast and left the hotel about 7:00 am to drive over to the start line. Brrr, it was cold. Although I had said quite a few times that I wished I was running, as we stood out in the cold I was glad I wasn’t!

Lots and lots of porta potties!

Patrick getting ready to start!

Sort of a picture of part of the entire group. There were about 3500 runners for all the races.

The whole group of us!

And they’re off!  Obviously, not too fast yet.  Pat was determined to not have anyone pass him so he started in the very back of the pack.  So it took several minutes to get to the start line.

I was SO thankful to have Princess and Prankster with us. The kids were so tired (especially Caleb).  After we left the start we tried to get to our first cheering point but didn’t get there in time. Caleb was crying the entire time because we forgot his blanket at the hotel.  We were going to go to cheering point two but were afraid we’d miss Pat there too. So we went to spot three which was about mile 7. Thankfully P & P had cheese crackers in their car and the snacks saved the day and Caleb was much happier!

Here’s Princess and Angel cheering on the runners!

Here comes Daddy!!! Looking great!

After he passed we headed out to get to the finish line. There were tons of people so it was quite a challenge finding a spot. Finally we did, right at the finish line.  We had a ways to walk but it was a beautiful day.

So thankful to have two of Angel and Caleb’s favorite people with us!

Caleb cheering for Daddy! (And then he fell off the bleachers. Ooops.)

Yay! He finished! 2 hours and 18 minutes. I think he was thinking, “Thank you Lord, I’m done!”

Here’s a video of the finish:

We are so proud of our main man! He worked hard and did a great job!  And he’s not even sore today which I think is amazing – just like him!


One thought on “Pat’s race

    sincerelyanna said:
    October 23, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    That’s so great, what an accomplishment! It does look really cold, though!

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