Our October baby

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Yesterday I saw the trailer for the new movie, October Baby, coming out in limited release this week. I wept as I watched it.

And then I wept some more as I thought of our October baby.   I thought about the miracle of our Angel girl.  How her birth mom, despite the huge challenges she faced, chose life for her baby.

I don’t really have any profound words to share.  But I’m just so thankful for our precious girl. I’m thankful for her birth mom and for those who cared for her during her difficult pregnancy.  I’m thankful for our adoption agency, our dear social worker who is also a close friend, and for Angel’s foster family who cared and loved her as their own for seven weeks.  I’m thankful to God for his protection over Angel in her birth mom’s womb and for choosing us to be her parents.

Monday was Angel’s 4th birthday.  We asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday lunch.

“PIZZA RANCH!” (of course).

After lunch we asked her what she wanted to do next.  She said, “My favorite thing in the whole world. Go to the park.”  And so to the park we went.

It happened to be the same park that Pat, Princess and I went to when we needed to take pictures for our adoption book.

Life sure has changed in four years!

So thankful.

On Tuesday we brought treats to Angel’s school for her birthday.

Angel with her friend Estee.

Even Caleb got to join in on the fun!

Since her birthday Angel has reminded us at least a dozen times that she’s four. Last night at supper Daddy called her “his baby girl.”

She said, “Daddy. I’m four now.”

Yes, four. But always our baby girl.


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